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JustUno Integration

ActiveCampaign integrates with JustUno by allowing you to have email address submissions sent to a particular ActiveCampaign list under your account.

Under “Advanced Setup” click “Email Integration” and turn on ActiveCampaign. Enter the appropriate information (API URL, key, and list ID):

You can find your API URL and key by going to the API section of the software (get there quickly by typing “api” in the search bar and clicking the first result):

To get your List ID, go to the Lists tab and hover the mouse over the number of subscribers (next to the list name), then look at the link in the status bar:

Once you’ve saved your settings in JustUno, go to the “Copy Your Code” section to find your JavaScript code (which you will embed onto your site):

On your site you should now see a tab along the side that viewers can click to open:

When they enter their email it will be added to ActiveCampaign as a new contact.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. There are safeguards in place to prevent duplicate email submissions, so if you’re testing the integration but don’t see the email coming into ActiveCampaign, you likely already submitted the JustUno form in your current browser. Try another browser to see if that works.
  2. No name comes across to ActiveCampaign (just the email).
  3. To remedy #2, you might want to set up an autoresponder or series to follow-up with the contact shortly after they submit the JustUno form (maybe have it link to another form which collects more information).