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Integration Using Subscription Forms

Subscription Forms are the gateway to your mailing list.

ActiveCampaign has made it easy for you to create subscription forms and integrate it with your web site or even with Facebook. You can create as many subscription forms as you’d like. You can even tweak the settings so the form looks and behaves just the way you want it.


Manage Subscription Forms

To manage subscription forms, click on the Apps tab.

Here, you can see some of your most recently created subscription forms, or click “See all forms” to see them all. You can also click “Add form” in the upper right to create a new form.

When adding a form, you will be asked to choose the default list for the form. You would also need to name the form.


Subscription Form Settings


Build your subscription form Tab

The first section, when you’re adding or editing a subscription form, is the “Build your subscription form” section.

Here you can build your form by adding fields from the left (by clicking on the Field Buttons) to the form on the right. You can also change the position of the fields by dragging and dropping them to the desired position.


Theme & style options Tab

In this section, you can choose from 5 different themes. Changing the theme of your form allows you to match your brand’s look and feel.


Opt-in confirmation email Tab

You can customize the Email that is sent when someone subscribes to your list on this section. Here you can change the From Name, the From Email, the Subject of your confirmation email, as well as the actual message of the email.

In addition, if you choose to not send a confirmation email, you can do so by unchecking the “Send confirmation email to verify contacts want to receive your email” box.


Form Settings Tab

Here you can set the page that your contacts will see after they have Subscribed to your list, Confirmed their subscription, or if they encounter any error.

To edit any of these three items, click on the “Subscription confirmation page” link on the right.

You have two options when you’re editing/setting up the confirmation or error pages: 1. You could build your page in ActiveCampaign, OR 2. You could re-direct to a URL that you have set up.

  1. Build your page. Choose the option you want to edit (Opt-in has been sent confirmation, Subscription completed confirmation, or Subscription error occurred). To build your page, click the buttons on the left to add to the page on the right. If you want to edit the text on the page, hover over the specific section and click edit. You can then edit the text and hit update when you’re done.
  2. Redirect to URL. To redirect to a URL, click the “Redirect to URL” link. You can then type in (or copy/paste) the URL on the given field. Hit save when you’re done.

Other Integration Settings: Aside from customizing the Subscription confirmation and error pages, you can also customize the Unsubscribe, Subscription Updates, Forward a Friend, and Campaign Archive pages. However, these pages are defined on a per-list level, they are not specific to a form. To customize these other pages, go to the Apps page, and click the “See All Forms” button…


…then choose from the options on the right under Integration Options.

Integrate with your site Tab

In order for your Subscription to be useful, your contacts would need to have access to it. There are several ways for you to be able to disseminate your subscription form.

This section provides you with all your options for integration: Website, Facebook, Social Sharing, QR Code, and Direct Link.


  1. Website

    You can integrate your subscription form with your website by simply copying the HTML generated by the software and then pasting it on to your site.

  2. Facebook

    Integrating your Subscription Form with Facebook is easy. Just click the “Add to Page” Facebook button. A pop-up will show up to allow you to connect to Facebook. Then, you can choose the page you want to add the form to. Click the “Add Page Tab” button when you’re done.

  3. Social Sharing

    You can also share your subscription form by posting it to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ pages.   When you click on one of the Social Sharing buttons available, you will be able to share the link to your subscription form through a post on your page. When people click this, they will be taken directly to the form.

  4. QR Code

    QR Codes are similar to barcodes. They are used mainly with mobile phones that has a camera. You can generate QR Codes to send contacts to your website, to send a pre-formatted text messages, to share contact info, etc. ActiveCampaign built in this feature to allow you to take advantage of the growing mobile market. When your contacts scan the code they will be taken to your subscription form. It makes your reach that much greater. To use the QR Code, you can copy the image and paste it on to your site, your email messages, or you could even add it to your business card.

  5. Link

    The link to your Subscription form is provided on this page. You could copy this URL and use it in different applications: on your website, on your email messages, etc.


More questions?

For more information about any feature of ActiveCampaign, please contact our support team. We’ll be happy to assist you.