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Google Contacts Integration

You can integrate ActiveCampaign with Google Contacts in the following ways:

1. Importing your Google Contacts from within ActiveCampaign.

Import your Google Contacts

On the Subscriber Import page, choose the Google Contacts import service, then click “Authorize Google Contacts access.”

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign software

You will then be asked to confirm you want to grant ActiveCampaign access to your Google Contacts:

After clicking “Grant access,” you are brought back to ActiveCampaign and should see a confirmation that you are now connected:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign software

Choose a list and then hit “Next.”

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign software

You can filter by Contacts “Group,” or a free-form text search (among all data fields), if you want to narrow down the results:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign software

Next, map fields from Google Contacts into ActiveCampaign, then click “Import Now.”

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign software

Filter to specific Google Group

NOTE: As of 5/31/2012, this approach is no longer needed. You can now filter to Google Contacts Groups right from within ActiveCampaign.

To import only a specific Google Group, you must first export a CSV file from Google Contacts, then import that file into ActiveCampaign.

Switch to your Contacts, then go to “More” > “Export.”

Screenshot of Google Contacts interface

Choose what Contact group you want to export, and then the “Outlook CSV” format:

Screenshot of Google Contacts interface

Then in ActiveCampaign, click “Browse” to locate the file you just downloaded, and then proceed with the normal steps after that.