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ERJA – Frequently Asked Questions

ERJA is a premium service offered by ActiveCampaign that allows you to learn more about your contacts. This enables you to create highly targetted campaigns including segmented campaigns and dynamic content within campaigns.

Will I get data matches for all of my contacts?

That greatly depends on the data points you specify and the quality / type of contact list you have. If we do not find a match right away we will keep looking over time until we find one.

Where do you get the data that you are providing?

We work with multiple data sources and funnel all the data into your account using the best data results we can find from the multiple data sources we contract with. All providers follow strict privacy guidelines and only supply data that is public and/or user supplied.

How much does ERJA cost?

Pricing is based on the contact plan you are on. So a 1,000 contact limit plan will be less than a 10,000 contact limit plan. It is a monthly add-on. If you remove the service all ERJA data will be unavailable.

How does billing work?

Upon adding an ERJA data point you will be billed immediately for that data point. All future monthly bills will include your new ERJA charge as well.

Do I get the data instantly?

When you initially order ERJA data it may take 24-48 hours for your existing contacts to be checked for data. We will then continue to check for data on any contacts who do not have data matches. This means your initial data may not be as complete as it will become over time.

What is the meaning on the word ERJA?

It is a word derived from the latin word erga (prep. with acc., towards, esp. of personal relations; more generally, about)