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Automatic Import for Google Docs

Our automatic importer works with Google Docs (spreadsheets) to check for new updates on a repeat basis. This document goes over the specific details of setting up your Google spreadsheet for importing into ActiveCampaign, as well as what to expect from our automatic importer in regards to your spreadsheet data.

A spreadsheet is a nice, flexible way to organize data in a visual manner. However, as it’s just raw data formatted as arbitrary columns and rows, our system requires it be set up in a certain manner to ensure that it’s imported correctly.

Column naming and order

The first three columns should be system fields Email, First Name, and Last Name. You can name the column headers however you’d like, but ActiveCampaign assumes they exist in that order and position. Custom fields start in column D, and can be named anything you’d like, and contain any text values. The system will use the header row to determine the custom field names in ActiveCampaign.

Remove blank rows at the end

To ensure that our system calculates the right row to start on (when the importer runs again), make sure there are no extra blank rows at the end of your spreadsheet, as illustrated here:

Remove these blank rows so our system doesn’t confuse them with actual data rows:

This is how the end of the spreadsheet should look:

“Reset” the import

You can click the “Reset” button to have the importer start at the very first spreadsheet row the next time it runs. By default we’ll check for new rows at the end of the spreadsheet for seven days, then we’ll start from the beginning again. If you need to force the importer to start from the beginning, this is the way to do it.

Import frequency and adding new data

ActiveCampaign will process 1,000 rows at a time (every 30 minutes), so if your spreadsheet has more than 1,000 rows, you won’t see all of your data right away. When you add new rows to the bottom of the spreadsheet, those will be imported within 30 minutes (once the system reaches that page). Since ActiveCampaign only checks for new rows at the end of your spreadsheet, we recommend sorting by “date added” (you could have a column called that, which will become a custom field in ActiveCampaign) in ascending order. This way new contacts will always appear at the very bottom of the spreadsheet.

Every seven days the entire spreadsheet will be imported from the beginning, meaning any changes you make to data that was already imported won’t show up for at most a week.

Any empty custom field cells in your spreadsheet should be denoted with ~|, and those will appear as blank/empty in ActiveCampaign.