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Applying a promotional/discount code to your order

Users of our hosted service (that we host for you) can apply a promotion code to their order when upgrading for the first time.

Click “Account –> Billing & Upgrade” button on the upper right corner of any page of your ActiveCampaign software.  You can also click the “Manage Billing” button on the bottom left of your Dashboard.  Either method will take you to your Billing & Upgrades page.

Billing& Upgrades

From the Billing & Upgrades page you can choose the plan you wish to upgrade to.

Review your choice and click “Continue” when ready.


Provide payment information and your promotional code towards the bottom.

Billing Profile

Please note: Your discount will be applied to all recurring payments. If you decide to upgrade to another plan, that same discount will be applied to your new plan’s total.

More questions?

For any other Billing concerns, please contact our Sales Department. We would be happy to assist you.