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Antavo Help Document

With Antavo you can create a live connection with your promotion’s subscribers by synchronizing their data with ActiveCampaign, and send them targeted emails. (The more personalized an email is, the better chances for having them as customers.)

Let’s see how you can do this synchronization:

  1. Log in with your Antavo account, then click on ’Audience’ next to’Promotions’.

  1. Select ’All’ if you want to sync everybody under the ’Groups’ OR select a segment. (Subscribers are divided into segments – Brand Advocates, Quality Fans, Fans, Dormants – based on their activities.)

  1. Set up your connection to ActiveCampaign by choosing it.

    1. The tool asks for your API URL and API Key (you can find these on Active Campaign’s site – keep reading where).

    1. Click on ’Account’ then select ’Your Settings’

    1. Click on ’Api’ and copy your API URL and API Key from here.

    1. Insert your API URL and API Key into Antavo platform then click on ’Save’.

    1. Fill out this form then click on  ’Save’.

Now your selected group syncs atomatically. Log in Active Campaign and send them emails.