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Adding Contacts to your Exclusion List

Smart Email Marketing starts with having a quality list. A good list allows you to have great interaction rates.  It also helps you prevent high bounce, unsubscribe, and/or spam complaint rates.  You can have a quality list by properly maintaining your list.

You should start by making sure that you have an opt in list. Using a double opt in subscription process is best for 2 main reasons.

  1. You verify that the email is valid
  2. You ensure that the contact really wants your emails by confirming their subscription

Another thing you should do is to remove, from your list, any contact who unsubscribes, bounces, and/or who reports spam. This is somewhat a tedious task.  Luckily, ActiveCampaign does this for you automatically.

However, if you are moving from a different provider, or, if you maintain another list of “bad” addresses, you can’t just import this list and have it automatically be moved to your bounce or unsubscribe lists. With your ActiveCampaign account, however, you can import this list into an Exclusion List.

What is an exclusion list?

In your ActiveCampaign account, an exclusion list is a list of contacts that you wish to exclude from any campaigns ever. This means that once you add someone on the exclusion list, they would no longer receive any correspondence from you.

As I mentioned, this is good for two reasons (there could be other reasons).

  1. You’re moving from a different provider
  2. You maintain your own unsubscribe/bounce/spam list

Adding to the exclusion list

1.  Go to the Import Page (Lists –> Import)

Lists --> Import





2.  On the Import Page, choose the file to import (or copy/paste OR connect with an external service). Then, please click the Advanced Importing Options Link.

Advanced Importing Options


3.  On the Drop-Down, select Import As Excluded Email Address.  Then, choose the list you want to exclude from. Choose All Lists to exclude from all lists. However, you can also choose specific lists.  Click the Next button and follow the remaining Import steps.

Import As Excluded


Adding Excluded Contacts One by One

1.  Go to the Excluded Contacts Page  (Contacts –> Excluded Contacts).  Click the Excluded Contacts link.

Excluded Contacts


2.  From the “Excluded address that” dropdown, choose an option:

  • exactly matches – Ex.  if you want to exclude just the subsciber “”
  • begins with – Ex. if you want to exclude anyone with username “info”
  • ends with – Ex.  if you want to remove any contact using “”



3.  After that, choose the list(s) you wish to exclude from. You can also choose from ALL lists. Then, click the “Add” button.

Exclude From List

More questions?

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