Track the actions & behaviors of your contacts

We can track your contact's actions on your web site, within your custom applications, and within the campaigns you send.

With a small snippet of code and we will start tracking everything they do while relating past and future actions to the contact.
You can then create automations, segments, personalized content, & more based on their actions & behaviors.

A potential contact searches for shoes.
They land on your page where we track their visit, referral information and much more.
Your contact browses some reviews about a particular shoe.
The potential contact decides to purchase. We are able to detect the email address and relate all their history to your new contact.
Your automation sends a personalized email to your contact with other shoes they may like.

Start tracking using a small snippet of code

Add a small snippet of code to your site (similar to analytic programs) and we will instantly start tracking all of your site traffic.
You can also add custom event calls on your site (or in your web applications) that will log specific events.

Log all the actions your contact makes on your site

We will log every page your contact visits, how many times they visit each page, and any custom events or actions that you desire.
Perhaps you want to know if someone signed up for a form, watched a video, or downloaded a white-paper. You can log it all.

Log her comparing shoes, reads reviews, & adding to her cart

Every product page she visits, search she performs, review she reads, and item she adds to her cart can be logged and related to her within ActiveCampaign.


Track Custom Events

With event tracking you can track specific actions, usages within your app, any custom events, and more.

Make your data actionable with segmentation, automations, and personalization.

It's time to make all of this data you have collected actionable. Create highly targeted and effective automations, utilize segments to explore contacts and send specific campaigns, and personalize every aspect of your marketing.

If Contact purchases an item over $100, send products they may like in 2 days.

Segmenting & Personalization

Group & explore your contacts using any of your data you track.

  • Send targeted campaigns
  • Analyze trends & behaviors
  • Embed conditional content
  • Understand your users better