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Join thousands of existing organizations that resell ActiveCampaign services. With ActiveCampaign you can quickly offer a leading email marketing solution for your clients & share the revenue!

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Your Total Earning

Create Accounts for Clients

Create new accounts instantly as needed and make updates to any of your accounts you manage at any time.

Central Panel to Manage Accounts

Your partner control panel allows you to create accounts, manage them, login (with a single click) to client accounts, and more.

Create Free Trial Accounts

Instantly create free trials for potential clients. Free trials can be branded just like your paid accounts.

Custom Domain w/ Full Access

Your clients can enjoy all that we have to offer including user management, lists, full campaign controls, and more.

Your Own Companies Branding

You can choose to co-brand the service or remove all references to us and only show your own branding.

No Additional Fees

Whether you just have 1 account or 300 accounts you will not be charged any fees just to become a partner.

Reseller pricing made simple

All pricing is based on our list pricing for email marketing accounts. As you grow your account volume you can start sharing the revenue. As you will be responsible for billing your clients you can of course choose to charge whatever you see fit (allowing for additional profit). Below is an example of discounting that is available:

  List price

After 25% Discount

2-24 accounts*

After 35% Discount

25-49 accounts*

After 45% Discount

50-99 accounts*

After 55% Discount

100+ accounts*
500 Contacts $9 /mo. $6.75 /mo. $5.85 /mo. $4.95 /mo. $4.05 /mo.
1,000 Contacts $17 /mo. $12.75 /mo. $11.05 /mo. $9.35 /mo. $7.65 /mo.
2,500 Contacts $29 /mo. $21.75 /mo. $18.85 /mo. $15.95 /mo. $13.05 /mo.
5,000 Contacts $45 /mo. $33.75 /mo. $29.25 /mo. $24.75 /mo. $20.25 /mo.
10,000 Contacts $70 /mo. $52.50 /mo. $45.50 /mo. $38.50 /mo. $31.50 /mo.
25,000 Contacts $135 /mo. $101.25 /mo. $87.75 /mo. $74.25 /mo. $60.75 /mo.
50,000 Contacts $225 /mo. $168.75 /mo. $146.25 /mo. $123.75 /mo. $101.25 /mo.
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* Monthly & yearly accounts count toward your total "accounts" for discounting. Credit based accounts do not at this time.

Common Questions

  • Can I private label/white label the solution so my clients only see my companies branding?
    Absolutely. You can remove references to ActiveCampaign, add your own branding (name, colors, etc..), set a custom domain name, and much more.
  • Instead of fully rebranding the solution can I co-brand the solution (leaving ActiveCampaign branding but also including my own branding)?
    Yes. This is a great way to show that your service is a proven solution backed by a leading email marketing company. You can provide added value with personalized support & services to make your unique offering an attractive option.
  • Do you bill my clients for me?
    No, you would be responsible for billing your clients.
  • Will you contact my clients?
    No, you actually get to specify a contact email address that we would use per account. So if we have any questions, issues with bounces or abuse, etc.. we would contact only the email you specify.
  • Can I create trial accounts?
    Yes, you can create any number of trial accounts. Trial accounts have our standard trial limitations but can be branded / private labeled.
  • How will I be billed?
    You will be billed monthly per account. While you will have a single billing profile (credit card) each account will be billing on it's own account renewal day of the month.
  • Will my users see expiration or billing notices?
    No, only you will be notified.
  • Can I use a custom domain?
    Yes, you can setup a custom domain (using a CNAME DNS record) for each account you manage. This allows you to let your clients login at something like "".
  • Can I customize the design of the software?
    Yes, you can change the core outer layout of the software (HTML) and specify custom CSS classes to be used for the software interface.
  • Can I resell yearly plans?
    Yes. You would need to contact us at this time to setup a yearly plan though.
  • Can I resell credit based plans?
    Yes. You can purchase credits in bulk (to obtain discounting) and distribute them as you wish to your credit based accounts you manage.
  • Can I login to my clients accounts?
    Yes, from the partner control panel you can easily login (with one click) to any of the accounts you manage.
  • Is there an API for resellers?
    Yes, we do offer a fully supported API that lets you manage your hosted accounts from outside of our Reseller Panel.
  • Is there any way for people to know you are providing the service?
    While our software is fully rebrandable there will be some technical things that people could find if they really dug into things. Things such as hosting & mail server IP addresses may trace back to ActiveCampaign. That would however require a client of yours to do a lot of digging to find such a relation. We also suggest to think of yourself as offering a value added service. Therefore even if you do not private label you can still resell our service (and even charge more) for providing value added services such as personalized support, email template assistance, etc..
  • Can I see how the reseller panel looks like?
    We have an article that explains how reselling and managing hosted accounts works along with step-by-step instructions on how to use the reseller panel.