Email Marketing in Multiple Languages

With ActiveCampaign you can easily send email campaigns, auto responders, and more in ANY language that you desire! Our character set and encoding options allow you to send in the format you need to ensure that all of your characters are displayed properly for your contacts. Additionally the entire ActiveCampaign administrative and public section uses a central language file - so you can easily translate the software (or use one of our included language files.)

Send emails in any language...

All emails sent with ActiveCampaign can have character set and encoding options to utilize any language you wish to use! You can setup different lists with different languages and you can setup different users with different languages. All within the same install of ActiveCampaign!

Delivers and displays text correctly for any language...

The ActiveCampaign sending engine will use your language settings for your list/user and the specific email sent. The sending engine then ensures that the delivered email will display properly for the language that is being used.

Free language files included...

By default we include the following language files for free: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. You can modify any of the existing language files or easily create your own!

Easily create your own language file...

Whether you want to create another translation based off of one of our existing language files - or you want to create your own language file (for a language we do not include) it couldn't be easier. All text for the application is stored in a single file allowing you to easily and quickly review and translate. You can choose to translate specific sections - or the entire application.

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