Create intelligent marketing campaigns utilizing your customers location

GEO location data of your contacts is automatically tracked for the ability to create more intelligent campaigns. Send campaigns specific to your contacts home location and where they travel.

Location Personalization

Location Personalization

Personalize your campaigns with geographical-based content. This automatic personalization helps your campaign achieve maximum results.

Segmenting by Location

Segmenting by Location

ActiveCampaign enables you to filter by your contacts by city, state, country or even zip code. Segment lists, conditional content, dynamic content, and more.

Tracking User's Location

How We Track Locations

Utilizing technology found in the modern browsers and by looking up your contacts we're able to determine the location of your subscriber instantly upon interaction.

See where they "live" and where they "travel"

EGEO's capability allows for a precise reading of the actual "home" location of a subscriber as well as their travel history. Send targeted location based campaigns such as travel discounts, taxi or concierge services based on this data.

Contacts GEO Location

Travel history and past locations

View past traveling history within ActiveCampaign subscriber detail page. Watch their travel history on an interactive map or create a campaign specific to a location point.

Travel History

Conditional content with GEO data

Create content using geographical location data for more engaging and relevant campaigns. Send email campaigns with structured content or features tailored to contacts in specific city, states, regions or countries.

Conditinal Content