WordPress Email Marketing

Email Marketing WordPress Integration

ActiveCampaign has created a WordPress plugin for quickly integrating subscription forms into your WordPress blogs & web sites. You can easily embed subscription forms without any coding needed! You can then upgrade WordPress at any time without losing your subscription form code/placements.


The ActiveCampaign Email Marketing plugin connects WordPress with your email marketing software and allows you to choose subscription forms to embe anywhere on your site. After installing the plugin, go to Settings > ActiveCampaign to setup this plugin. Choose what forms you want to cache locally, which can then be displayed using the shortcode [activecampaign form=ID] to embed anywhere on your site.

The plugin requires that you have at least WordPress 2.6+ and ActiveCampaign Hosted service. We have tested that the plugin works up until WordPress version 3.8.


How to install

  1. Upload the entire "activecampaign" Zip file to the Plugins section of WordPress, or "Add New" plugin and search for "activecampaign."
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins section in WordPress.
  3. Visit the Settings > ActiveCampaign section and input your API credentials.
  4. Choose what forms you want to cache locally in WordPress.
  5. Use the shortcode [activecampaign form=ID] to display your forms anywhere else on your site.
  6. You can also find your forms through the post editor toolbar - click the ActiveCampaign logo and select the form you want to embed.