Conditional Email Content

Email marketers have used basic personalization in their messages for many years to create content that gives the appearance of being specific to the recipient. For example, you might include the subscriber's name in the greeting of the message.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing takes this to the next level by providing fully dynamic email content. You can now tailor your content precisely to each recipient, based on any piece of information you have collected about your contacts.

Email List Segmentation

One way to accomplish this is by segmenting your list in smaller sub-lists. You can, for example, send location-based email marketing messages by sub-dividing your email list based on the city, state, or zip code.

You can also segments your lists based on any actions that have been taken in the past. For example, you may choose to send more in-depth content to readers who tend to be more engaged, and shorter content to those who are less engaged.

Dynamically Generated Email Content

Another extremely powerful way to target your contacts' individual preferences is to insert dynamic content into your email messages. For example, some offers may be more appropriate to contacts of a particular gender.

As you can see below, ActiveCampaign Email Marketing makes it extremely easy to target these two groups of contacts with unique content.

This same technique can be used to target multiple subscriber groups based on geographical area, stated preferences, or any demographic data. The power of these tools is that they allow you to ensure that your messages contain content that your contacts want to receive from you, and *only content that they want to receive from you*. This encourages contacts to read your messages more carefully, because they know that they will only receive message content that is relevant to their interests.