The Future of Email Marketing Software

We are currently in the planning stages for the next large update of Email Marketing, version 4.2. This new update will include a number of important updates in regards to our email template system and the ability to add plug ins and custom coding into any of the admin pages.

Some of the items to be likely included in 4.2 are listed in our development tracker.

If you have any feature requests or issues you would like addressed please post them to the bug tracker or forum in the near future to have them considered for 4.2.

Due to the extensive scope of changes and additions we are not setting a date for this update at this time.

A Welcome…

Throughout the past couple years there has been a steady interest in knowing more about what is currently going on at ActiveCampaign and how the updates and development are progressing. Due to the consistent questions we have decided to post a public developers blog. This blog will contain updates in the status of on-going development and any pertinent information by the developers themselves.

A primary focus of our development process involves steady communication with our clientele. By keeping an open channel of communication we are able to gauge the needs of our clients and fine tune the official product direction with our clients needs and concerns.

With the new addition of our developers blog the options to find information (forum, development tracker, blog) are more than ever. We have a couple of exciting new products being released in the upcoming quarter or so along with some much anticipated product updates.

As always – if you should have any feedback or general questions, let us know at