Live Chat Live Typing Preview

From the start of Live Chat we have always had the typing indicators. They alerted the public user when the operator is typing and vice-versa. Great feature and similar to Help Desk responding indicators but we always thought we could expand upon this.

With the release of Live Chat 1.02 we have included a new feature. A live typing preview.

Live typing preview works like this:

1) visitor starts typing a message

2) operator sees the typing indicator stating that the visitor is typing

3) at the same time a dragable typing preview appears and updates in real time with the visitors contents of their text box

So why is this good? You can start to answer your visitors questions even before they click send/submit. Not only will this increase your productivity – but it will also increase your visitors satisfaction with your response times and allow you to take on more chats.

We have a number of exciting new features planned for future updates in the near future. Stay tuned for updates…

Should you have any feedback or ideas – let us know at

Advanced Reporting in ActiveCampaign Survey Software

Once you have created a survey, and have either deployed it via email, or setup the survey to be taken from your website, it’s then time to enjoy the reporting features that the application has to offer. This applies to both the downloadable Survey Software package and our hosted survey service.

By browsing to the Reports->Create Report section of Survey Software , you are first prompted with several options for creating your own custom reports. Here you specify the Report name, and the Survey that you would like to include within that Report. You can also Copy Settings from any report already in the system, saving time in the setup of Report Options such as Header and Footer displays.

Within the Reports we can take our collected survey responses and display them in tabular format, Flash Graphs, and email them to other interested parties.

Tabular formatting of the responses is the default view when you open your newly created report. This view gives you detailed information on how many responses are attempted, as well as non-attempted allowing for a broad overview on a questions popularity with your audience. Here you can also find the percentages of answers based on your question types, also giving a general overview on the responses that your attempted answers generated.

There are 3 different types of Flash Graphs that you can use to view your report data. These types can be switched by changing the Graph Style Type dropdown at the top of your page. Switching the type of graphs that are used to display your question response data is as easy as using the graph button menu. When these options are used, your report is automatically updated to reflect the new Report Style and the data associated with your question.

Report Options allow even further customization of your Reports. Here you can setup exactly how you want your report to look by adding custom header and footer graphics and HTML, as well as specify exactly what information you want to make public, and what you want to keep private.

Once you have your Report setup exactly as you would like, you can send that report to your business colleagues for them to analyze. This is accomplished by using the Share Report button on the main Reports page. Your shared reports can have customized email content inserted at the time of sending.

The Advanced Reporting in Survey Software doesn’t end only in the Reports section of the application. There is also the entire Analyze Responses section available from the Survey List Dropdown menus. Here you can download CSV files containing either all of your respondents information, or download each individuals responses separately.

With all of the options that are available you can be sure that Survey Software can provide you with the facts needed when analyzing and reporting any of your survey types.

Minor updates to Email Marketing, Survey Software, Knowledge Management, and Help Desk Software.

In the last couple days we have released minor updates to 4 of our products. Here is a summary of what we changed just recently.

  • Email Marketing 4.51.6
    • Fixed redirection problem for users with only one list
    • Fixed empty Sender header problem
    • Fixed fetch@send bug in autoresponders
    • Fixed full path issue in auto_remind cron file
    • Fixed template JS bug for test email if not mime
    • Now parses links only if option is turned on
    • Now fetches reply-to field properly
    • Added fetch personalized to INSTANT responders too
  • Survey Software 1.4.12
    • specific required fields update
    • add item page updates
    • invitation updates
    • css updates
    • php short tags removed
    • library/survey add/update item pages updated
  • Knowledge Management 2.60.24
    • Moved trial check to avoid header() problems
    • Public Search page completely rewriten
    • Implemented public users, separately from admins
    • Fixed Settings/User page bugs
    • Public users are no longer members of Global Authentication System
    • pdf.php is from now on unencoded
    • Fixed installer bug for removing existing tables
    • Added support for Demo Mode
    • Fixed a major bug in function.php that occures on public side when article has no links in it
    • fixed include problems
    • Added new language strings
  • Help Desk 2.60.4
    • Integrated new Knowledge Management system
    • Fixed expiration date on announcements (to allow indefinite ones)
    • Chart fix for HTTPS via IE issue
    • Fixed subject escaping problem in public viewTicket
    • Added more vars to use in public account_confirm.tpl.txt (username, name, email)
    • New language strings

As alwyas – we are continually seeking feedback on our products and services. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns let us know at

Live Chat Released

ActiveCampaign Live Chat Software ( a powerful web based live help solution that offers real-time messaging for sales, support, or internal communication ) was released as 1.0 Stable recently. There are a number of great features included with the initial release of Live Chat. To glance through all of the available options I would suggest to go through our tour of live chat features.

We have had a positive response to Live Chat and the Help Desk/Live Chat integration. Plans are already underway to increase the integration between the two products and extend Live Chat further.

Pricing for Live Chat has been discounted for a limited time as part of the introduction of TrioLive. Order now to receive the special pricing.

Email Marketing Version 4.5x User Documentation

The knowledgebase for the version 4.5x series of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing has been updated extensively over the last couple of weeks. In order to extend the usefulness of our documentation we arranged articles in a more task-oriented way — for example how to format email marketing messages or best practices for email copywriting. In the past we included PDF user manuals with our distribution folders. These user manuals were also available on our web site for general perusal. PDF documents were then converted into knowledgebase articles with varying degrees of usefulness. They did not always translate well into this format because they were written in a quick start style that focused on basic use and where features could be found. Another drawback to this approach was that these user manuals became quickly outdated as our product line continued to evolve. We needed to update the user manual every time a major upgrade or exciting new feature was released. At times this could be a cumbersome task. Each and every article needed to be checked to ensure that they were version specific.

Further development of Knowledge Management, our knowledgebase software, altered our approach to documentation. KnowledgeBuilder now included a function that allowed you to extract PDF documents from articles. There became no need to generate PDF files independent of the knowledgebase. Documentation now consists of articles that are formatted specifically for our knowledgebase. A corollary to this approach is that knowledgebase articles became more informative and useful. This is more important now then ever before because 1-2-All is a more sophisticated application. Documentation needs to reflect the development of a more substantive feature set. A knowledgebase of articles allows us the flexibility to add or edit documentation to reflect the needs of our client base. A knowledgebase allows us to create a truly living document:

1-2-All 4.5x User Documentation

Dynamic Email Content in Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing has always had a number of options when it comes to personalizing messages. You have the ability to personalize with their core registration details. (such as email, name, registration date, etc…) along with being able to customize your emails with any subscriber field.

The personalization fields along with sending filters have been a popular choice for thousands to personalize their mailings. However the ability to have dynamic content has been tricky. In the past that is.

Previously to version 4.51.4 if you wanted to have dynamic content (such as a different email design, etc..) you would need to either setup multiple lists or use a combination of sending filters and subscriber fields.

With the introduction of version 4.51.4 you are now able to have fully dynamic content for your emails when using the new “Fetch Personalized” feature. This new option to the fetch url section allows you to enter a url which has the contents of the email you wish to send. While this option has been available as “fetch now” and “fetch at send” it was previously not possible to pass anything that would allow dynamic content. With 4.51.4 you can pass any subscription field in the url and have the page you are fetching display content based off of what you are passing to that page.

An example

To start we will setup the page that will be the page that has the email contents we wish to have sent.


// page to parse get variable and display content that matches
$variable = $_GET["name"];

if ($variable == ‘bob’){
echo ‘Bob’s email contents…..';

elseif ($variable = ‘amy’){
echo ‘Bob’s email contents…..';

echo ‘non-matching email contents…..';

// print out some other content for all users

echo ‘my footer.';

Now we will login to Email Marketing, go to create new message, select the message type and find the fetch url area.
Select “fetch personalized” from the dropdown and enter the full url to the sample.php file.
Example would be

But instead of only typing in

we are going to add the subscriber name personalization option.

So we will type:

You can add as many options to the fetch url such as registration name, subscriber fields, etc…


By using the new fetch unique feature you are able to turn your mailings, scheduled mailings, and auto-responders into fully dynamic messages.

Help Desk 2.60.2 Released!

A new version of Help Desk has been released!

We have changed quite a lot in this version. We have changed the Ticket Rating System, so Reports page should now show more accurate results. Also, Reports page does not use JPGraph for generating graphs anymore, so there is no need to have GD support in PHP on your server anymore. From now on, Help Desk will generate it’s graphs in Flash. They look better and they don’t need anything extra, since every browser has support for Flash files.

We have also fixed a problem with merging tickets. Until now, your post submission dates were reset to the date of merging when the ticket was merged. That won’t happen again.

We have added a link for “Tickets” on the Non-Admin Users page, so from now on admin will be able to see all user’s tickets from that page too. View Ticket page got back its “Calendar/To-Do Entries associated with this ticket” section which was missing even if there were some associated entries. Calendar is also more usable since we have fixed some minor bugs, mostly in templates.

A list of changed files can be found in our Support Forum.

Enjoy using the new Help Desk Software and let us know if you experience any kind of difficulties in using this product.

Live Chat 1.0 Beta 1 Released

Our first beta release of our new Live Chat Software application has been released. Incidentally, it is also the first release of anything that I have worked on at ActiveCampaign; I couldn’t say much before now because — well — it wasn’t ready yet!

The exciting thing about Live Chat is not only that it’s new, but it’s new for us. We have used some AJAX in Help Desk and Email Marketing, but Live Chat represents what is truly an “AJAX” application: everything about it is dynamic; everything about it is immediate.

I’m proud that so many good features went into the first release of the program. Not only chatting, but flash-based reporting, custom fields, chat session rating, chat invitations — they’re all there. The future looks bright as well: extending the integration possibilities between Live Chat and Help Desk is just one of the things we’re working on.

For those interested in taking a test drive with it, you can download the first beta of TrioLive here. Let us know what you think!

Email Marketing 4.51.2 Released!

We just released a new version of our ActiveCampaign Email Marketing software!

It doesn’t have a lot of updates, but the ones we do are VERY important!

Sending engine has been improved and optimized! We have tested it, and it looks like we have a 40% increase in email marketing delivery speed. This is the biggest increase we have had in a long time now. I hope you all feel the difference.

There was a problem in version 4.51 with Bounce Managament which was confusing our system. It used to mark successful email addresses as bounced due to this error. We have fixed it now, so I suggest that you check your Bounces to see if some email was marked as bounced by mistake. That won’t happen anymore.

Importing subscribers had a bug that was occuring only in certain cases. We have fixed it now, and we have also included unencoded PEAR files since we experienced some problems with those classes when the files were encoded.

In our Support Forum you can see the list of all changed files.

EmailCheck – New Email Marketing Add-On

EmailCheck, A new add-on to 1-2-All, has been released today. EmailCheck is the new add-on that interacts with the EmailCheck web service.

When you install the EmailCheck add-on you will see a new button labeled “check spam filters”

When you click on that button a report will display with your spam count and suggestions on what should be changed.

This will help you to ensure that you maintain a high level of email deliverability in your email campaigns.