Approach To Web Software Case Studies

When presenting web software case studies I focus on how an application meets the needs of the client I am investigating. An application exists to fulfill the needs of a client while a case study gives measure to its success in reaching those needs. Solutions are designed with the acknowledgment that its intent is to accommodate the varying set of goals of a broad client base. Case studies make effective marketing material because they draw upon an application’s use in a real world context. Ideally, prospective clients identify with real world situations where the application is used to solve problems that are similar to the ones that they are facing.

Feature tours, screenshots, benefit pages, pre-sale knowledge base articles, and online demos are promotional materials that focus on how feature sets give our applications their dynamic functionality. A client is not interested in regurgitated marketing material when they are viewing case studies. They are interested in qualitative analysis, learning through observation, demonstrating how a solution meets the needs of an organization.

I recently added a few new listings, including ArielHost and VARhosting for ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software , to our case study collection. ArielHost found that our customer service software could be used to manage a diverse range of products and services and in the process they used fewer resources, provided quicker resolution to support needs, and kept their customers satisfied. VARHosting demonstrated how ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software allowed them to rise to increased consumer demands in the face of accelerated growth with professionalism and established protocol.

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Email Marketing Software 4.5 RC 1 is now released!

We are excited to announce that ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software 4.5 Release candidate 1 has been released. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks correcting the bugs in the early Beta releases and polishing off the new version.

Many thanks to all the people on the forum who have taken the time to test the Beta releases and report bugs and other issues. This definitely speeds up our Beta period, and helps us to get a stable version out to everyone that much quicker.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, you should now consider it. There are tons of new features (too many to list here), and just an overall improved interface. If you haven’t yet purchased our online email marketing suite, now would be a great time to do so, since you can just download the new RC version and have all the great new features without having to think about upgrading from the old version later. Click here to order your copy of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software

Custom Priorities and Other Help Desk Software Updates

We just released version 2.50.20 of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software.

We have a couple new features that you may find interesting or useful.

  • Added Custom Priorities settings – Works similar to custom statuses. So now you can setup any number of priorities and even specify an image to be shown on the admin ticket listings page for tickets with that priority.
  • Option to lock down the entire public side of Help Desk Software – forces users to register or login to gain access to any part.
  • Added an open tickets count next to department names when adding a ticket in both admin and public zone. Option in general settings.
  • For each template option (IE: KB, Port Scanner, Troubleshooter, etc..) you can now require the user to be logged in to gain access.
  • Added admin access management per department on add/edit department pages
  • Added an option to redirect users from viewTicket page to Startup when user submits a response.

For more details about this update and the files that were changed visit:

As always – if you have any suggestions of feature requests – just let us know.

Email Marketing Software 4.5 BETA is finally released!

We are excited to finally release the beta version of Email Marketing Software after months of hard work. There are many features and bug fixes that have been resolved from previous versions, and I know many have been anxiously awaiting the release. I just want to touch on a few of the new features and enhancements.

First of all, we rewrote the entire application using PHP and Smarty template engine. This keeps the logic of the program separate from the layout, and really helps to keep things organized. Plus, you can now customize any email templates you’d like, and should you decided to customize an email template design, you will be looking at mostly HTML code, instead of PHP code jumbled up with HTML. Here’s a guide to HTML email design that will help you.

We’ve also replaced the old built-in HTML editor with the popular FCKEditor. FCKEditor works in most browsers, so you can now edit your messages using Firefox or Opera. FCKEditor has tons of cool features, like easy uploading and storing of images and other files within your email templates.

Another great edition is the ability to subscribe by pipe as well as a POP email account. We’ve added pipe scripts for subscribing, unsubscribing and for processing bounced messages. Pipes have one distinct advantage over POP mail. You see, when you forward mail to a PHP script using a pipe, it processes the message automatically instead of having to wait for a cron script to run. This means that your subscribers get their confirmation messages immediately. In today’s world of instant gratification, this is very important…especially on the internet!

We’ve added a lot of new statistics and reports to the messages archive, so you’ll want to click around in that feature once you upgrade. Also added is new statistics and graphs for autoresponders. One nice thing about the new statistics is that you can see the activity for each individual subscriber…just look up the subscriber in the subscriber list and then click View.

Any time you do a complete rewrite of a system there are going to be some issues here and there. Thank you for your patience as we try to make the Beta period as short as possible. Just post any issues you have to the forum, and we’ll take a look and get things corrected ASAP.

We hope you like it!

ActiveCampaign Survey Software 1.4.0 Released

Yesterday marked the completion of the update to our online Survey Software solution, which included some template changes. The new interface for the application has been modified using the currently implemented CSS, and was changed to comply with the standard interfaces of our other products, mainly Help Desk Software and Email Marketing. We have also swapped the icons used in the Create A Survey process for dropdowns to provide an easier and more intuitive way of generating and distributing your surveys.

If you have any suggestions for development within iSalient, please email
We also have a Development Tracking System for any bugs found within the application, along with the iSalient Forum.

If you haven’t taken a look at our downloadable templates, they are available here.

Online Survey Service Provider License

We have recently released a new license option for ActiveCampaign Survey Software; the Application Service Provider License.

With this new license option you are able to create sales plans, add clients, manage your clients, and more. This allows you to resell ActiveCampaign Survey Software from a local copy utilizing the sales and management features currently used for our hosted online survey solution.

The license cost for this type of license is a yearly fee starting at only $1,250/yr with plenty of room for profit.

Should you have any questions – just let us know at!

Help Desk Software 2.50 Released

ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.5 has officially been released. We have had several very successful beta testing months and the stability of 2.5 is apparent.

There were a lot of changes with version 2.5 of our popular customer service software. The rewrite was a complete rewrite of the entire code base. Developed for stability and to make it easier and faster for deploying new features in the future. A big change is the conversion of all pages to use smarty templates. Now every pages design and html structure is editable. You can add, modify, or remove what you like. You can even add and manipulate php code using the smarty {php} {/php} opening and closing php tags. In addition to smarty templates 2.5 utilizes several recent ActiveCampaign changes; our new language file format and the central authentication system. The new language file format enables you to see what would be printed by default while looking at the templates and provides automated language file creation. The central authentication system allows you to share users between products. This is currently offered in Knowledge Management, Email Marketing, and Help Desk.

Aside from the reconstruction we had a slew of new features added. Such as custom statuses, email actions, break line detection, enhanced search, spell check, numerous utilities and many more. You can view the full list of What’s New In 2.5 at:


While version 2.5 was a large update – we are not done with Help Desk Software development. Our development is an on-going process based on client feedback. So if you have any comments or suggestions, let us know with one of the following:

  • general feedback
  • Development / Bug Tracker feature requests and bugs
  • Forum feature requests, bugs, tips

Help Desk Software 2.5 RC 1

ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.5 has entered the release candidate stage.

Help Desk Software 2.5 is a large update to the already popular customer service software. ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software is still the powerful ticketing/email management/knowledge management tool, but we have now extended those features even further.

With such options including:

    – New search page.
    – Custom Statuses Now Available.
    – Smarty templates
    – All public and admin pages changed to smarty templates. Email templates (where they are not in the database) are also in template files now.
    – Ability to create custom fields for user registration.
    – Multi-Level Departments with Department Nesting
    – Image verification on registration page. (Requires GDLIB)
    – Spell check for public and admin option. (Requires ASPELL / For Ticket Posts)
    – New report options
    – Full Knowledge Management Software integration. (more…)

    Email Marketing Software Rewrite Begins

    Hello, Kent here. I am the newest member of the ActiveCampaign development team, and I am excited to be on board. I recently moved to Chicago, and I am having fun trying to navigate my way around the L trains and such. Chicago really is a great city!

    I just recently started converting the Email Marketing software codebase into a newer format that uses Smarty Templates (I’m a big fan), and a more modular structure. The framework for the new version will be just like the Help Desk Software. This will make the code easier to maintain and to add new features. You may notice a slight change in the overall layout and menus, but the features will work just the same. We’ll also be adding some new features, but more on those later.

    Survey Software Website Goes Live

    We have officially updated the hosted online Survey Software page to reflect all of the hosted services available. The service is entirely hosted on our surveys, so that all you have to do is sign up for an account and begin creating your survey. There is no installation to worry about or any maintenance. The price and feature set make it a good survey monkey alternative.

    Check out our Online examples in the Usages section. The examples include a Customer Satisfaction, Product Evaluation, and Employee Skill Assessment survey along with a couple others. Take a quick look at what Survey Software can do for your company here. Other surveys are also available from the main page.

    An introductory movie tutorial has been uploaded and is available here. Use this small demo for your first survey creation help reference, or simply take a look at what Survey Software has to offer for survey creation techniques.