Help Desk 2.61.16 Released!

Today, after a long time without releasing any major updates, we have released a new version of Help Desk , marked as 2.61.16.

With this release we have decided to expand the possibilities for our overseas clients, and have provided you with a set of tools you can use in order to customize Help Desk to suit your language needs better. From now on, our products will rely on strfdate() instead of date() native PHP function, so you will be able to use localized values for your language strings. No more English week/month names in your dates! From now on, whatever is your server’s default locale setting, the system will use it. You can read about changing the default locale on your system here.

Since we had to do that sooner or later, and that meant changing a lot of templates (almost all of them are displaying date/times), we decided to finish timezones too. From now on, all date/times displayed by Help Desk will have time offsets applied before displaying. That way you should be able to keep your Help Desk in a different timezone without any problems whatsoever.

This version also introduced a Default Ticket Priority setting. On Manage Priorities page (Settings => General => Manage Priorities) you can now set a default priority, which will be preselected on your Submit Ticket pages. Also, if email comes in without “high/low priority” flag, the ticket will get default priority, not “Normal”.

And last, but not least, public authenticator! We have provided an unencoded /functions/function_user.php file which has all functions for handling users (login/logout). That way, from now on you can modify that file freely and fetch your users from external (client?) database instead of using Help Desk’s.

We also fixed a couple of small, but annoying bugs.
To see a complete announcement about this release, please visit the following thread in our Support Forum:

We are looking forward to hearing from you about using these new features in the future.

New Version of Live Chat Software

We’ve got a new version of Live Chat released in time for the new year. Normally, we don’t write blog posts about version releases, but this one is really packed with features and fixes. Now you can see who is using the web or desktop client (by hovering over their online status in the operator list — in either client); javascript is compressed, which should ease some of the loading time for the operator console; there are several new options for integration code, including the prevention of the post-chat window from appearing via chats started on that page and a limit on how many times an invitation can pop up during a visitor’s session at your website; and last, but not least, operator photos via the Your Settings screen can appear with the system messages that announce your arrival in a chat. Some of the smaller additions are more cosmetic, but nice nonetheless: a loading graphic when looking up a chat transcript, and bolding the timestamp of the transcript that you’re looking at.

Live Reports With Live Chat Desktop

We recently added a new section in Live Chat Desktop that will contain a number of live reports.

Currently the sole report available is a live traffic graph. We have a number of new reports we will be releasing in the near future. Should you have any suggestions just let us know!

Live Chat Hosted Beta

We are currently accepting beta accounts for our new Live Chat Hosted Service.

All the powerful features of Live Chat without the need to install, maintain and host the software.

Beta accounts are limited.

Please email to get your free beta account.

Survey Software 2.0 Beta

Today we release Survey Software 2.0 Beta 1. Existing clients can download this beta by logging into the support center. Or you can email to request to be included in beta testing.

This is an extensive re-write and update to our Survey Software product.

Some of the new/updated areas include:

  • New intuitive AJAX interface
  • New style manager with CSS controls
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of questions and pages
  • graphics library
  • many bug fixes over the previous version
  • New reporting options and simplified reporting interface
  • Enhanced CSV exporting of data
  • Much more…

Email Marketing & Live Chat Desktop Apps Stable

Both the Email Marketing Desktop Monitor and the Live Chat Desktop app have been released as stable versions and are no longer beta.

Both applications can be downloaded through the support center.

A/B Split Testing Add-On For Email Marketing

Today we released a new add-on for ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software.

This add-on allows you to perform a/b split testing as part of your email campaigns. Email Marketing will automatically distribute the two messages evenly between two randomly assigned groups within a single mailing list. You are then offered full statistical data for each version of the message to help you determine which strategies are most effective for your mailing list.

Here are some screenshots:

Using the already powerful graphing and statistical analysis tools in Email Marketing you can now compare both messages side by side. See which message produced the highest click-through rate, reads, etc…

Creating an A/B Split mailing is just as easy and convenient as creating a regular mailing in Email Marketing. The only difference is that you have two messages to create. You are able to set the from, subject, body, etc., for both messages uniquely.

The conventional A/B split testing technique often used in web site marketing and testing is now available for email marketing.

How to order:

New Live Chat Web and Desktop

We’ve just released a new version of our Live Chat web software (1.36) along with its Desktop client (1.03). In the web version, we’ve implemented quite a few optimizations to increase speed, particularly with visitors checking in with the server via tracking, and we’re excited about that. But the Desktop client, which hasn’t been updated on our servers in a while, has received quite a few updates — particularly to its look and feel — so we’re really excited about the future of Live Chat in general. If you haven’t yet, you should download the program and give it a try.

KB 2.61 & DB Sync For Articles

We recently released KB 2.61 which has a couple of minor bug fixes along with a quite handy new feature.

When you click on “Articles” you will now see a new option in the sub menu entitled “DB Sync”

For those familiar with the Email Marketing  add-on (Db Sync) you will find this feature quite similar. This feature allows you to connect to any external MySQL database and fetch your articles to synchronize with Knowledge Management. You can setup arguments and rules for which rows from your external database to fetch and there are a variety of sync options.

Below you will find some screenshots of this feature in action. Should you have any questions just let us know.

New version of Live Chat

A new version of ActiveCampaign Live Chat Software, version 1.34, has been released today. Along with many other changes, a good deal of memory optimizations have been committed that should lessen the load on your web server. With Live Chat’s Desktop application maturing as well, it’s a good time to upgrade to the latest version.