Two More Improvements to the Automation Builder

See Where Your Contacts Are in an Automation

Last week we made the automation builder drag-and-drop, this week we’ve made it easy to see exactly where your contacts are in your automation workflows and how many contacts are in each Wait action.

A Wait action with contacts in it will display a Queue button with the number of contacts in parenthesis:


Add Beautiful Social Icons to Your Campaigns

Today we are releasing a new Social Icons widget. You can now quickly and easily insert a variety of beautiful social icons into your campaigns.


Automation Recipes: Prebuilt Workflows to Build On

We offer 16 triggers and 26 actions in our automation builder. That means there are 7,311,616 possible automations — and that’s just for a 5-step automation!

There are near limitless possibilities for what you can build by combining actions and triggers in innovative ways. When you factor in the flexibility of webhooks and Event Tracking, you’re limited by creativity and imagination more than anything else.

That open-ended flexibility has a downside for some people — it can create uncertainty:

  • Some people know that they can do a lot with it, but aren’t clear on exactly what.
  • Or, they have an idea of something they’d like to do, but don’t know how to create it with the automation builder.
  • Or, they have a nagging feeling there is a better way to accomplish something.


Introducing Automation Recipes:

Now, when you create a new automation, you’ll be presented with a menu of pre-assembled automation workflow recipes that you can use for inspiration, as a starting point, or put to use immediately in your business:


The Automation Builder is Now “Drag-and-Drop”

Our automation workflow builder is one of the best solutions out there. It’s an intuitive way to map a contact’s path through your marketing & sales processes.

Today, we are releasing a major update to our automation builder that makes it even better…

It’s now completely “drag-and-drop:”

You can move single actions, and portions of the automation, to make restructuring automations faster:


New: Set the Default Color for Links

You can now set the default color for links in your campaigns:


New feature: Save Email Content
For Quick & Easy Reuse

Do you have portions of your emails that you reuse frequently?

For instance, an offer you display often or a signature you end your emails with?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to save these blocks, with all their content, formatting, and settings, so that you could quickly drag-and-drop them into your campaigns as needed?


Create Forms that Convert with
Our New Form Builder

We’ve completely rebuilt our form builder. Now, you’ll be able to easily create a variety of beautiful forms:

We’ll be rolling this update out slowly over the next few weeks. If you’d like to have your account upgraded immediately, email our support team and let them know you want your account upgraded with the form builder release.

Using the new form builder

After your account is upgraded, you’ll notice a new “Forms” tab in the top menu. Clicking “New Form” will bring up a modal window:

You’ll be able to choose from four “tried and true” display types:

Appears within the content of your website. This would be the form type you might use for a landing page or a “contact us” form. This type of form is available to all account tiers.

Appears as a persistent strip at the top or bottom of the webpage.*

Appears in the corner of the browser window.* It’s noticeable, but doesn’t cover much content.

Appears in the center of the browser window and creates a new layer on top of the page and slightly dims the background so the form stands out.*

* Floating Bar, Floating Box, and Pop-up Forms are a Plus & Enterprise plan feature. 

Built-in automation

When your form is submitted, you can immediately perform automated actions:

  • Add a Tag – Tag contacts to track their lead source, identify their interests for targeted follow-up, and keep your list organized.
  • Add to Deal – Begin your sales process immediately by creating a new deal and adding it to any stage of any pipeline.
  • Email Results – Notify members of your team by email when a new lead is available.
  • Subscribe to List – Add a contact to multiple lists simultaneously.

After clicking the “Create” button, you’ll be redirected to the form builder itself.


Customizing your form


With the inline form, you can drag and drop fields into the form. You’ll be able to add default fields and any custom fields you’ve created.

You can also insert HTML code, images, and header text, so you’ll be able to add whatever content you need into the form.

We are also offering CAPTCHA, a list selector, and subscribe/unsubscribe options so you’ll be able to design a complete list preferences form:

You’ll also be able to create custom fields from within the form builder by clicking “Add New Field.”


Here you’ll be able to define the button text and “Thank You” message.


Here you’ll have a plethora of options for changing the look and feel of your form. You’ll have the flexibility to precisely match your website or create a form that stands out with bright, complimentary colors.

We give you many formatting options built-in, but for unlimited flexibility, you’re also able to use CSS. After clicking the “Inspector” button, you can click on the element of the form you’d like to customize and add CSS code.


You’ll be able to choose whether the form displays a “Thank you” message or redirects them to a URL after it is submitted.

Here you’ll have another opportunity to change or add to the actions that are triggered when the form is submitted.

If you are creating a Modal, Floating Box, or Floating Bar form, you’ll have the option to define when that form should appear. You can have it always show, show once and then hide, or hide after they’ve interacted with it (submitted it or closed it).

You’ll also be able to choose the forms appearance effect:

Slide in effect:


Fade in effect:


The Show Delay allows you to choose at what point the form is displayed to your visitors. Rather than having the form appear as soon as they visit the page, you can have it appear after reading a portion of the page’s content. Oftentimes this will improve your conversion rate because visitors are given the chance to see that your site provides value before being presented with a decision on whether they want to join your list.

When you have your form the way you want, click “Integrate” in the upper right-hand corner and you’ll be presented with a number of integration options.

The Simple Embed option is a single line of Javascript code and the Full Embed gives you the complete code. Either of these can be pasted into your website to add the form.

The advantage of the Simple Embed is that any changes you make to the form will automatically be reflected in the form on your site without having to update the code.

Here you also have the option to get a link to a hosted version of your form, set up the WordPress plugin, or install the form on your Facebook page.


Other updates in this release

You’ll notice we’ve also redesigned the Lists page and our custom field editor to be more clear and consistent with the rest of our platform.

We’ve also moved the Apps directory, which was accessible from the main navigation, into the account options menu:


Again, we will be rolling this update out slowly over the next few weeks. To have your account updated, email us at:

If you have any questions about this update, or how the new form builder works, please leave a comment below.

Segment By Page Views
With Partial Matches

A few months ago, we made it so that you could use wildcard URLs to trigger automations.

Today, we’ve rolled out a similar update allowing you to use partial matches to create segments.

This makes segmentation based on page view data much more flexible and gives you additional options for defining segments.

You can now:

  • Do advanced searches using page views,
  • Create groups of contacts based on their page view history,
  • Create conditions within automations based on page views, and
  • Specify which contacts can enter an automation based on the pages they’ve viewed,

… without having to specify the exact URL or domain name.


Become an ActiveCampaign
Certified Consultant

Today we are opening up enrollment for the ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant program.

Certification is a way for business coaches and consultants to receive referrals from us when users ask for help outside the scope of services we provide.

Users who want help designing and implementing their marketing or sales strategy will have a way to be paired with coaches and consultants who are both credible and familiar with their specific marketing and sales platform’s capabilities.

If you see the ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant seal:

… you’ll know that consultant can assist you, not only with strategy, ideas, and advice, but with creating and implementing the campaigns inside of ActiveCampaign.


6 Inbound Marketing Experts Reveal the 6 Enduring Keys to List Building

Every marketing blog has a post on list building so when I started this post I knew it would have to be extraordinary to stand out.

So, I contacted a “dream team” of inbound marketing experts and companies known for their innovative list building:

I asked these experts to reveal their latest and greatest list building and opt-in conversion strategies, and provide the data.

The topic was “List Building: What’s Working Right Now.” The focus was on revealing the list-building tactics and opt-in optimizations that are working best at this exact moment, in January 2016.

That’s still what this post is, but not really.