List engagement & removing non-engaged subscribers

In the past IP reputation & segmenting types of email to different IP’s was the obvious delivery tactic for many email senders.  But now the combination of domain reputation and engagement is increasingly making deliverability quite a challenge for some senders.

We have had many people contact us to help remove non-engaged subscribers.  We even had some internal tools to help do this on-demand.  We recently took a little time to add the capability into everyone’s account so you can manage your engagement and clean up any subscribers that have not engaged in a specific time period.

When you click “View Cleanup Options” you have the option to either remove all subscribers who have not engaged ever or anyone who have not engaged within a specific time period.

You can find this new page by going to Lists > Advanced Options > Engagement

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  • Stephan Hovnanian

    AWESOME addition, guys, I’m a big believer in cleaning up your lists to remove people who don’t engage.

  • @JonnaGalloway

    Great new tool help keep your target audience active and engaging

  • Jon Salinger

    What version is this on?

    • jvandeboom

      This is currently only available in the standard ActiveCampaign service (not the on-site edition at this time — although I could see it being added in the future to on-site)

  • Justin Rhodes

    Yeh, but what if someone was just added and haven’t had time to engage?

    • John

      This is why we allow you to set time ranges of 3 months 6 months etc.