Hundreds of new integrations are now available

We have teamed up with Zapier (who has been connecting over 250 web apps) to provide a seamless in-app experience for all ActiveCampaign users. This means that you (and your users) get the full power of Zapier without needing to pay for a Zapier account or have a separate login area on their website to manage your integrations.

Everything is done within your ActiveCampaign account. Simply pick what you wish to integrate, authenticate with that external service, and you are set to go! All of the integrations continuously run to automate your syncing of data.

Here is just a sampling of the services we now integrate with:
  • DynamoDB
  • Appointlet
  • Base CRM
  • Chargeover
  • Chargify
  • Clertim CRM
  • Desk
  • Eventbrite
  • Evernote
  • Fluidsurveys
  • Formdesk
  • Formstack
  • Formitize
  • Freeagent
  • GotoMeeting
  • GotoTraining
  • GotoWebinar
  • Google Glass
  • Gravity Forms
  • Gumroad
  • Inboundnow
  • Instantcustomer
  • Jotform
  • Jumplead
  • Keepintouch
  • MySQL
  • Mojo Help Desk
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Nutshell CRM
  • Onepage CRM
  • Pipeliner
  • Podio
  • PostgreSQL
  • Quickbase
  • Quickbooks
  • Recurly
  • Samange
  • Solve360
  • Stripe
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Tendersupport
  • Uservoice
  • Vision Helpdesk
  • Woocommerce
  • Xero
  • Many more…

How many integrations are allowed?

Free & trial accounts are allowed up to 3 integrations. Small business accounts are allowed up to 15. Enterprise accounts allow unlimited integrations. We are not charging extra for any of our plans to utilize this new feature.

Out with the old and in with the new

With this change we will be removing the current MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL sync feature. It wasn’t an automatic import so by replacing it with our set of integrations (which will include those databases) you get even more power out of connecting with those databases.

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  • Robert

    I just fell in love with you a little bit more. This is a great feature guys :)

  • Gavin

    I don’t see the ‘Or – see more integrations’ options… are there limits on which services you can integrate with, or just the number that you can integrate with?

    • jvandeboom

      If you have branding disabled you will not see that option as our logo does appear within this integration. As a work around simply go to /import_service/ manually and you can setup these connections.

  • OrgSpring

    zapier generally has separate pricing – are you saying their pricing is not relevant anymore, that if we have an account with you it’s all included now?

    • jvandeboom

      We have a partnership with Zapier where we provide Zapier for free for our end users. So you only pay for your ActiveCampaign service.

      Zapier is a free perk on top of the rest of features we provide. No extra cost. No external Zapier account needed. Just log into ActiveCampaign and go to the import page to get started.

      • OrgSpring

        thanks John. Awesome.

      • Ryan

        Hi, just wondering what the limit is for Zapier tasks per month for a small business user of ActiveCampaign? Zapier’s own pricing plans offer between 100 and 50,000 tasks per month – I’m just wondering how many items we can pass back and forth between ActiveCampaign and our CRM using Zapier. Thanks.

        • Matt Thommes

          Hi Ryan – it should be unlimited “tasks” (individual requests) when using Zapier through our interface.

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  • Gerson Perez Cardoza

    ActiveCampaign deserves a place with the great players in this business. Your last big hit was 2,500 contacts for free, this is the second big hit. I guess the “Chimp” is becoming nervous…

  • Enoch Sears

    This is awesome. One question – can you change the frequency of the Zaps? This is something that Zapier does with my account but is there a way to have it done with the integrated ActiveCampaign version? That would be really cool. I want my zaps to run daily, not more frequently.

    • Matt Thommes

      Hi Enoch,

      We can ask Zapier if this is possible, but if it’s a special thing they do for your account only (or upon request) it likely would not make it into our app. We might be able to suggest an alternative approach if you can provide us an example use-case (IE: why would someone want to have zaps run at lesser intervals?).

  • Robert

    Is this available for on-site as well as hosted editions?

    • jvandeboom

      This is available with our standard hosted service (not with the on-site edition)

  • grid7

    genius move. you guys continue to impress…

    • jvandeboom