Live Chat Released

ActiveCampaign Live Chat Software ( a powerful web based live help solution that offers real-time messaging for sales, support, or internal communication ) was released as 1.0 Stable recently. There are a number of great features included with the initial release of Live Chat. To glance through all of the available options I would suggest to go through our tour of live chat features.

We have had a positive response to Live Chat and the Help Desk/Live Chat integration. Plans are already underway to increase the integration between the two products and extend Live Chat further.

Pricing for Live Chat has been discounted for a limited time as part of the introduction of TrioLive. Order now to receive the special pricing.

Help Desk 2.60.2 Released!

A new version of Help Desk has been released!

We have changed quite a lot in this version. We have changed the Ticket Rating System, so Reports page should now show more accurate results. Also, Reports page does not use JPGraph for generating graphs anymore, so there is no need to have GD support in PHP on your server anymore. From now on, Help Desk will generate it’s graphs in Flash. They look better and they don’t need anything extra, since every browser has support for Flash files.

We have also fixed a problem with merging tickets. Until now, your post submission dates were reset to the date of merging when the ticket was merged. That won’t happen again.

We have added a link for “Tickets” on the Non-Admin Users page, so from now on admin will be able to see all user’s tickets from that page too. View Ticket page got back its “Calendar/To-Do Entries associated with this ticket” section which was missing even if there were some associated entries. Calendar is also more usable since we have fixed some minor bugs, mostly in templates.

A list of changed files can be found in our Support Forum.

Enjoy using the new Help Desk Software and let us know if you experience any kind of difficulties in using this product.

Live Chat 1.0 Beta 1 Released

Our first beta release of our new Live Chat Software application has been released. Incidentally, it is also the first release of anything that I have worked on at ActiveCampaign; I couldn’t say much before now because — well — it wasn’t ready yet!

The exciting thing about Live Chat is not only that it’s new, but it’s new for us. We have used some AJAX in Help Desk and Email Marketing, but Live Chat represents what is truly an “AJAX” application: everything about it is dynamic; everything about it is immediate.

I’m proud that so many good features went into the first release of the program. Not only chatting, but flash-based reporting, custom fields, chat session rating, chat invitations — they’re all there. The future looks bright as well: extending the integration possibilities between Live Chat and Help Desk is just one of the things we’re working on.

For those interested in taking a test drive with it, you can download the first beta of TrioLive here. Let us know what you think!

Knowledge Management 2.60.22

We have just released a new version of ActiveCampaign Knowledge Management!

We have added a couple of very important bug fixes.

And after a longer period of time, we have added a new feature called “Index”.

Feature works like this:
Now you can add words into “Index” feature the same way you are adding Terms to Glossary Terms. The difference is that words in Index do not have descriptions and headers (titles). They are used to search for all occurences of that word in your KB. Usefull option!

We have also added a support for using double quotes in category names. Actualy, we have fixed a couple of areas that prevented that from working all the time. Might come in handy… ;-)

If you are upgrading from version 2.60.21, you will have to reupload the following files:

  • admin/KBAdminContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminContextSwitch.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminIndexesEditContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminIndexesManageContext.class.php
  • admin/KBAdminUserManagerContext.class.php
  • admin/main.php
  • admin/sql/install_2.60.sql
  • admin/sql/install_database.php
  • admin/sql/update_database.php
  • admin/sql/upgrade_2_60_22.sql
  • admin/templates/indexes_edit.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/indexes_manage.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/main.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/nav_top.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/terms_edit.tpl.htm
  • admin/templates/user_manager.tpl.htm
  • docs/changelog.txt
  • includes/ActiveRecordClasses.php
  • includes/KBIndexContext.class.php
  • includes/KBInflector.class.php
  • includes/KBPublicContextSwitch.class.php
  • includes/demoFramelessNodes.js.php
  • includes/extlib/activerecord/ActiveRecord.class.php
  • includes/function.php
  • includes/smarty_plugins/function.printstars.php
  • index.php
  • templates/Default/contact.htm
  • templates/Default/index.htm
  • templates/Default/indexwords.htm
  • templates/Directory/contact.htm
  • templates/Directory/index.htm
  • templates/Directory/indexwords.htm
  • templates/Simple/contact.htm
  • templates/Simple/indexwords.htm
  • templates/lang.English.txt

Don’t forget to run updater after upload, we have modified the database too! :-)

Knowledge Management 2.60.21 Released

A new (stand-alone) version of Knowledge Management has been released. The highlights are fixes for category administration bugs (deleting and moving them), as well as a bug in counting licensed users. A few display bugs were fixed. There were no changes made to the database — however, if you have 2.60.20, it’s worth upgrading to the latest version.

Help Desk Software 2.6 – Live Typing Indicator & More…

With the release of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.6 you will see a number of new changes (and additions) to the script.

Starting with 2.6 we have begun to implement a number of “ajax” enabled features. Such features as spell check, viewing indicator, live typing indicator, auto-refreshing of the queue lists etc… enhance the usability of Help Desk Software.

  • Spell check – We have implemented our LGPL project (ActiveSpell) into Help Desk Software. When turned on it allows for spell checking in the admin and public ticket post areas.
  • Live viewing indicator – From the early beginning of Help Desk Software we have had a viewing indicator. This allows you to see who is viewing the ticket and to avoid working on the same ticket with another admin/operator. With 2.6 we take this one step further. What used to be static (on page load) is now live. So you will be able to see who is entering/exiting the ticket along with who is currently viewing the ticket.
  • Live typing indicator – A brand new feature of 2.6 is our live typing indicator. We took the live viewing indicator one step further and now it will alert you when another admin/operator is typing on the ticket you are currently viewing. This ensures that two admins/operators will not reply to the same ticket.
  • Auto-refreshing of the queue – The main startup page of the customer service software is a common screen for all admins/operators using Help Desk. Prior to 2.6 this page would refresh according to the refresh time set in the “my settings” area. While sufficient for most needs – this also posed certain problems. Starting with 2.6 you will no longer notice a refresh of the page. And when tickets are added or removed from the list you will not lose any checkbox settings in the process.
  • Other changes – 2.6 has a number of smaller changes. Including an updated public/admin interface, improved searching, and more.

Existing clients can download 2.6 through our support center. If you are a new user – you can order or request a 30 day trial.

Email Marketing 4.5 Final Release is now available

We have now released the final version of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software 4.5. If you have been waiting until the beta period is over to upgrade, now would be the perfect time to take advantage of the new features.

Click here to order your copy of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software

Here is a list of highlighted features for this new version:

Restructured code. Central authentication system. New language file format. New email template system using Smarty. Enhanced forward to friend When subscribing to multiple lists only receiving one opt-in verification email. View and click through stats for autoresponders List clone now clones all settings / fields. New import process. Per list bounced management Unlimited options for sending filters. Improved subscribe by email. Updated remove duplicates feature. New reporting options. Reasons for unsubscribing option added. Enhanced branding footer. Subscriber stats. Enhanced custom redirects. Batch add/removal to unsubscribed list Firefox compatible editor. Send to a friend for auto responders. Web version for auto responders. Subscribe by pop or pipe. Sending filters for autoresponders HTML, Text, or Multi-Format Autoresponders Fetch contents of mailing at time of sending or time of message creation. Branding settings editable from browser. More message personalization options. Sending filters for auto-responders. Send last message when adding new subscriber. New interface (public and admin) Remove duplicates shows results. Forward to friend statistics HTML and Text branding footer options. Subscription notification includes subscriber fields data. Upgrade check for new versions Attachments for auto responders

Custom Priorities and Other Help Desk Software Updates

We just released version 2.50.20 of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software.

We have a couple new features that you may find interesting or useful.

  • Added Custom Priorities settings – Works similar to custom statuses. So now you can setup any number of priorities and even specify an image to be shown on the admin ticket listings page for tickets with that priority.
  • Option to lock down the entire public side of Help Desk Software – forces users to register or login to gain access to any part.
  • Added an open tickets count next to department names when adding a ticket in both admin and public zone. Option in general settings.
  • For each template option (IE: KB, Port Scanner, Troubleshooter, etc..) you can now require the user to be logged in to gain access.
  • Added admin access management per department on add/edit department pages
  • Added an option to redirect users from viewTicket page to Startup when user submits a response.

For more details about this update and the files that were changed visit:

As always – if you have any suggestions of feature requests – just let us know.

Email Marketing Software 4.5 BETA is finally released!

We are excited to finally release the beta version of Email Marketing Software after months of hard work. There are many features and bug fixes that have been resolved from previous versions, and I know many have been anxiously awaiting the release. I just want to touch on a few of the new features and enhancements.

First of all, we rewrote the entire application using PHP and Smarty template engine. This keeps the logic of the program separate from the layout, and really helps to keep things organized. Plus, you can now customize any email templates you’d like, and should you decided to customize an email template design, you will be looking at mostly HTML code, instead of PHP code jumbled up with HTML. Here’s a guide to HTML email design that will help you.

We’ve also replaced the old built-in HTML editor with the popular FCKEditor. FCKEditor works in most browsers, so you can now edit your messages using Firefox or Opera. FCKEditor has tons of cool features, like easy uploading and storing of images and other files within your email templates.

Another great edition is the ability to subscribe by pipe as well as a POP email account. We’ve added pipe scripts for subscribing, unsubscribing and for processing bounced messages. Pipes have one distinct advantage over POP mail. You see, when you forward mail to a PHP script using a pipe, it processes the message automatically instead of having to wait for a cron script to run. This means that your subscribers get their confirmation messages immediately. In today’s world of instant gratification, this is very important…especially on the internet!

We’ve added a lot of new statistics and reports to the messages archive, so you’ll want to click around in that feature once you upgrade. Also added is new statistics and graphs for autoresponders. One nice thing about the new statistics is that you can see the activity for each individual subscriber…just look up the subscriber in the subscriber list and then click View.

Any time you do a complete rewrite of a system there are going to be some issues here and there. Thank you for your patience as we try to make the Beta period as short as possible. Just post any issues you have to the forum, and we’ll take a look and get things corrected ASAP.

We hope you like it!

ActiveCampaign Survey Software 1.4.0 Released

Yesterday marked the completion of the update to our online Survey Software solution, which included some template changes. The new interface for the application has been modified using the currently implemented CSS, and was changed to comply with the standard interfaces of our other products, mainly Help Desk Software and Email Marketing. We have also swapped the icons used in the Create A Survey process for dropdowns to provide an easier and more intuitive way of generating and distributing your surveys.

If you have any suggestions for development within iSalient, please email
We also have a Development Tracking System for any bugs found within the application, along with the iSalient Forum.

If you haven’t taken a look at our downloadable templates, they are available here.