PHP & MySQL Version Requirements

Currently all of our products have a base requirement of PHP 4.3+ and MySQL 3.23+

You may have noticed recently that declared that they will no longer be supporting PHP 4 as of December 31st 2007. Also there has been a widely publicized project called GoPHP5. The idea behind GoPHP5 is to get as many applications to back the PHP5 only development status.

While we do agree that it is time for hosts to make a final switch to PHP5 we will not stop supporting PHP 4.3+ anytime soon. We strive to ensure our product line works from PHP 4.3 to the latest version of PHP5. And we will ensure compatibility with PHP6 when it is closer to release.

Keeping that in mind we are currently testing increasing the MySQL version requirement to MySQL 4.1+ for TrioLive, SupportTrio, and SwiftTraction. We have found the vast majority of our client base to be utilizing MySQL 4.1 or above for some time now.

We won’t be rushing any of these changes out. If you should have any feedback during this time just let us know!

User Groups for Help Desks

We just released a new version of ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software.  The main change is adding user groups for public users.  You can now create user groups, assign users to groups, and allow users to share tickets within their group if you wish.
Click here to read more about this update.

Live Chat Desktop App Update

It’s been quite a while since our 1.09 version of Live Chat Desktop was released. Quite a few improvements have been made for this new release. The big ones are:

  • The desktop client now remembers the last location and size of the window when you exit the application. This includes the location of the splitter for the traffic/operator list and the chat area.
  • There is a “loader” graphic, similar to what is used on the web console, that notes when the client is waiting for data to load from the Live Chat server. It doesn’t appear during automatic timed events, such as downloading updates to the traffic monitor. The graphic appears on right hand side of the main menu.
  • This is the first desktop version that works to detect when the network connection is too slow to work, and — rather than behave slowly or freeze up due to the time taken — actually alert you to the situation and log out.
  • The actions top-level menu was redesigned to target actions on the operator list of traffic list, depending on what you’re viewing at the time.
  • Fix numerous other layout bugs and a few obscure crash conditions.

Give it a spin — it’s available for download via the Support Center.

Feature Overview: Cross-tab Reporting

A major development for ActiveCampaign Survey Software is that we have added crosstab functionality to reports. This is available for both the installable survey software and the hosted survey service. Showing a report with a crosstab lets you view only the responses from people who gave a specific answer to a question. For example, if one of your survey questions is which country are you from, you can create a report that shows responses only for those who are from the US, or only those from Canada, etc…

Crosstabulation is where you can view survey results that come from a subset of people. For example, let’s say I have a survey that asks people 3 questions: Gender, Age, and Favorite Hobby. While the survey results will tell me what people’s favorite hobbies are in general, it would be much more useful if I could break it down further so I can view hobbies for all males between 25-35, or hobbies for females between 40-60. Crosstab lets you do that.

Crosstabs can be added by going to Reports -> Add New Crosstab. Type the name of the crosstab (for internal viewing purposes) and choose a survey, and then save. Next, you can choose a question, a condition, and then an answer. So in our case I would choose “Gender”, “Answer is equal to”, and then enter “Male” (or select a suggestion). Then I could add another condition by choosing “AND” or “OR”, and then choosing “Age” for the question, etc…

It is easy to create a set of conditions for a question and even join those conditions to another question. Click on Conditions sand then select a question that you want to add crosstab functionality to. Conditions that you can set include Answer is equal to, Answer is not equal, Answer contains, Answer does not contain, Answer starts with, Answer ends with, Question has been answered, and Question has not been answered. You can set this using suggested answers to questions. You can then join this condition to another question by using an And or Or condition.

Now we are ready to view the results. Click on Reports -> Survey Responses, and choose a web survey. If there are any crosstab views for a selected survey then they will appear in the section below. Choose the crosstab filter and then hit submit. The charts and graphs you now see will contain ONLY those responses that match the criteria in the crosstab view.

Send more with Hosted Survey Software!

Starting today you can now have a total of 1,000 subscribers per list in your Survey Software Hosted Account! That is double the previous limit and will allow you to deploy your surveys via email easier and to larger audiences.

If you haven’t signed up for view how it works or checkout our survey service pricing.

Help Desk Software CSS Update

We just released Help Desk Software 2.63.2 and it introduces a rather handy new “feature.”  With the latest version the public side is entirely CSS based. That should help a lot with template customizations and upgrading Help Desk Software (with customizations kept). We also added an extended Reset Desk feature that now allows you to choose what part of the desk you wish to reset (so you can choose to keep CSS customizations, but to reset templates, for instance).

Also: Please note that there is no longer a limit on satellite desks!   Additionally, the restrictions for lite licenses have decreased allowing you more departments and email parsers than before.

Minor changes were made to the admin side as we slowly roll out some design and layout changes.  We are continuing to make minor changes to increase the usability and style.

If you should have any questions or feedback regarding our recent changes just let us know!

Message Overlays in Email Marketing!

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing 4.53.9 introduced an exiting new feature that improves the reporting capabilites of the Email Marketing Software.

On the message archive page you are used to seeing the link stats, read stats, etc… Along with the graphing options. Up until now it was hard to judge link stats positions in the message. You may know that link had 13 clicks and only had 2. But to visualize the position and whether the position in the newsletter had something to do with teh link tracking you would have to manually look back and forth from the archive to the link stats.

Our new message overlay feature solves this problem.

When you turn the overlay on you will notice a + sign by any link that is being tracked. Links that have been clicked on will show up as blue. Links that have not been clicked on will show up as grey. Here is an example:

As you can see there is a small graph by each link as well to give you a quick overall statistic view.

Clicking on a blue icon will present the additional link stats information.

As always – we are looking to improve our current feature set. We have plans to take the message overlay further in future updates.

Should you have any suggestions and/or feedback please let us know.

ActiveCampaign Survey Software Hosted Upgraded To 2.0

Our Survey Software Hosted service has been upgraded to ActiveCampaign Survey Software version 2.0. Now all hosted users will be able to utilize the new features and updates available in the recent major update of Survey Software.

To learn more about Survey Software hosted visit this page: online survey service.

Help Desk 2.61.16 Released!

Today, after a long time without releasing any major updates, we have released a new version of Help Desk , marked as 2.61.16.

With this release we have decided to expand the possibilities for our overseas clients, and have provided you with a set of tools you can use in order to customize Help Desk to suit your language needs better. From now on, our products will rely on strfdate() instead of date() native PHP function, so you will be able to use localized values for your language strings. No more English week/month names in your dates! From now on, whatever is your server’s default locale setting, the system will use it. You can read about changing the default locale on your system here.

Since we had to do that sooner or later, and that meant changing a lot of templates (almost all of them are displaying date/times), we decided to finish timezones too. From now on, all date/times displayed by Help Desk will have time offsets applied before displaying. That way you should be able to keep your Help Desk in a different timezone without any problems whatsoever.

This version also introduced a Default Ticket Priority setting. On Manage Priorities page (Settings => General => Manage Priorities) you can now set a default priority, which will be preselected on your Submit Ticket pages. Also, if email comes in without “high/low priority” flag, the ticket will get default priority, not “Normal”.

And last, but not least, public authenticator! We have provided an unencoded /functions/function_user.php file which has all functions for handling users (login/logout). That way, from now on you can modify that file freely and fetch your users from external (client?) database instead of using Help Desk’s.

We also fixed a couple of small, but annoying bugs.
To see a complete announcement about this release, please visit the following thread in our Support Forum:

We are looking forward to hearing from you about using these new features in the future.

New Version of Live Chat Software

We’ve got a new version of Live Chat released in time for the new year. Normally, we don’t write blog posts about version releases, but this one is really packed with features and fixes. Now you can see who is using the web or desktop client (by hovering over their online status in the operator list — in either client); javascript is compressed, which should ease some of the loading time for the operator console; there are several new options for integration code, including the prevention of the post-chat window from appearing via chats started on that page and a limit on how many times an invitation can pop up during a visitor’s session at your website; and last, but not least, operator photos via the Your Settings screen can appear with the system messages that announce your arrival in a chat. Some of the smaller additions are more cosmetic, but nice nonetheless: a loading graphic when looking up a chat transcript, and bolding the timestamp of the transcript that you’re looking at.