New Videos, Case Studies,
Discussions, and More…

We’ve been hard at work creating resources to help you get even better results with ActiveCampaign. To that end, we’ve created case studies, usage scenarios, video walkthroughs, and we continue to have some fantastic collaboration going on in the ActiveCampaign Community. If you haven’t joined yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for… stop in and introduce yourself!

Walkthrough videos:

We have created short, fast-moving walkthrough videos for:

  • Contacts
    • Importing contacts
    • Creating a form
    • Tags & custom fields
    • Contact & lead scoring
      • Creating a score
      • Dynamic scoring
      • Leverage scores
    • Integrations
      • Integrating with Google Contacts
      • ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin
  • Campaigns
    • Overview of campaign types
    • Create a campaign & list segment
    • Campaign reporting overview
  • Automations
    • Create a “welcome email” automation
    • Testing your automation
  • Deals & CRM
    • Setting up your first pipeline
    • Add email to deals
    • Managing your workday
    • Automating your sales processes
  • Site Tracking
    • Setting up Site Tracking
    • Leveraging Site Tracking data

Is there a video tutorial that would be helpful to you? Let me know in the comments section and we’ll add it to our list.

Case studies:

How ApproveMe Uses ActiveCampaign to Generate 1,600% More Profit

What makes a product launch successful? Some products are runaway hits right out of the gate and other equally valuable ideas seem to fizzle and disappear. What’s the secret? In [this case study] you’ll learn exactly what ApproveMe did right pre-launch (it started with building a list…), how they managed their launch, and continued its momentum with some slick marketing automation surrounding users demoing their SaaS.


How Codal Differentiates in a Crowded Market

With so much noise, and so many marketing messages being sent constantly throughout the day, it’s easy to get overlooked. How do you stand out and get noticed when your competitors are offering similar solutions and putting out similar content? Being an established, qualified provider isn’t enough anymore. Codal, a full-service consultancy firm, is in one of today’s most crowded and cut-throat markets — software development.  See how Codal uses ActiveCampaign to hone and deliver its content marketing for maximum effectiveness and how they use the integrated email, automation, and sales CRM features to seamlessly move leads from marketing to one-to-one sales and achieve better results with alignment.


How SAGU Competes Against Larger Universities

Competing against companies with overwhelmingly bigger budgets and much better brand recognition can feel like a losing battle. See how SAGU leverages a relatively small marketing team and budget to attract students by appealing to a very specific demographic and then using marketing and sales automation to manage their leads, stay organized, and deliver targeted messages as the perfect time.


Would you like to be featured in a case study? We are always looking for examples of how our email marketing, marketing automation, or automated sales CRM features are helping businesses succeed. If you are interested, contact us at and tell us a little about your company and the results you’ve created with ActiveCampaign.


Usage scenarios:

  • Tips for resellers: Strategies and automations to get more reseller accounts
    If you are an [ActiveCampaign reseller] hunting for strategies to bring on more users, you’ll learn a lot from this tutorial on setting up automated campaigns from lead generation all the way through your sales pipeline.
  • Webinar business: Generate more leads in less time with automated webinars
    Webinars are popular because they work — they are engaging, visual, and have a high perceived value. But, they are a lot of work. This use case will help you automate as much as possible using GoToWebinar, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign.
  • Gym franchise – Grow customer base + automated customer onboarding
    This use case covers how a business can use forms to generate leads, email marketing to nurture those leads, and lead scoring to qualify those leads so that they know who to focus their attention on, and then automate the customer onboarding process.
  • Bootstrapped SaaS – Moving users from “free trial” to “paying customer”
    By feeding events into ActiveCampaign, you can create marketing that responds and adapts to the behavior of individual users. In this way, you can target groups of users with messages that help them want to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Real estate company – Lead scoring to get more buyers
    Real estate companies, in particular, collect an enormous amount of leads but only a fraction of those leads will ever turn into sales. With lead scoring, a real estate business can identify those prospects that are ready to buy and move those still early in the buying cycle further along by sending them more homes along the lines of what they are looking for.
  • Stock photo business – Grow sales with marketing automation + SMS flash sales
    Using date-based email marketing, seasonal sales, and SMS flash sales to increase purchases.

Community discussions:

The community has turned into a great place for idea generation, automation sharing, and finding new tools. Here are some of the hottest topics from the past week:

  • What template did you use to create your digital marketing strategy?
    You know, one minute you’re reading great blog posts about remarketing using Google’s Smart Lists. Then next second you’re reading about AdRoll being better for remarketing because it can remarket to Google’s audiences AND Facebook audiences. I say, hmm, let’s just go with AdRoll so I create these remarketing campaigns on one platform instead of two. Then I see…  Continue reading
  • Do you use freelancers? If so, where do you find them?
    Where do we find credible, cost-effective, and helpful freelancers? Whether it’s a developer, copywriter, or designer, sometimes you need someone quick, or someone to bolster an ongoing long-term project, but how do you go about finding that person? Continue reading
  • How I got +201% new subscribers per day
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a quick result I recently had. I went from offering one lead magnet to offering 4 lead magnets on my website and my new subscribers per day doubled (I saw a +201% increase). I ensured that my lead magnets where very specific and their relative optin forms were placed on relevant pages (just one per page). Adding lead magnets may take some time, but it’s very well worth it. Continue reading
  • Where do you get your stock photography?
    Going beyond Death to Stock, where do you get your stock photography for your campaigns? With an ever-growing emphasis on fresh compelling creative imagery, it’s hard to keep things fresh. Where do you luck out? It’s really not luck, you say? Where do you get yours? This is the best repository I’ve found… Continue reading

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Best of the blog:

In case you missed them, here’s a round up of some of the best recent blog posts:

One last thing… what content would help you? Please let me know in the comments section so we can create it for you.

Misc updates, new
integrations, and a preview…

Update: Use your account’s time zone in automations

It’s now possible to send email campaigns based on your account’s time zone. You can create “Wait until…” conditions so that email campaigns send to all contacts in the automation at the same time regardless of their individual time zones.

This is especially useful for events such as webinars. For instance, you can send messages such as, “The webinar starts in an hour,” to remind people your webinar will be starting soon.


Announcing the ActiveCampaign Community

The ActiveCampaign Marketing Community


We are happy to announce the ActiveCampaign Community.

Online marketing can be confusing — the sheer amount of strategies, tools, and information can be overwhelming. We see our community as a place where you can connect with like-minded marketers who are facing similar challenges. It’s a supportive environment where we can all collaborate and help each other become better, more successful marketers.

In the community, you’ll find:

9 ActiveCampaign Users Share Their #1 Tips

ActiveCampaign users and reviews


ActiveCampaign has been getting a decent amount of praise and attention lately. We thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite coverage and give these users a chance to share their ActiveCampaign tips with the community.


The new email designer

A true drag and drop experience

Drag new content into your email, resize things dynamically, drag/drop to reorder items, and resize items with a live preview.

Add rows and columns with ease

You can now add new rows and columns by simply dragging new content to the edge of any existing content. Columns can be resized by simply dragging the column to your desired width.

Real time multi-user collaboration

See a full list of everyone who is currently viewing your email. Any changes will show up in real time (and highlighted briefly with the users color) so that you know what people are working on. Never lose work with our versioning/list of changes. Preview any previous save of the email and revert at any time.

Refined & automatic mobile optimizations

We take the email and perform hundreds of mobile optimizations. The logic we have developed takes into account all the various factors (formats, widths, images, etc..) to determine the intent of your email and will automatically make it mobile ready for a beautiful display on both desktops and mobile devices. This can be turned off from the settings screen of each email if you wish.

Image editing capabilities

We have full image editing capabilities including resizing, cropping (with preview), automatic image scaling (for large images), and an extensive array of photo optimization/tweaking tools.

New & improved content options

Add blocks of text, headers, images, videos, and live content from RSS feeds. Each content option has it’s own unique set of settings/capabilities and it’s own set of style options.

Some of our new content options include:

  • Buttons
  • Line breaks
  • Spacer
  • Social (coming soon)

New HTML based editor (For advanced users)

If you choose to use your own HTML you won’t be using our drag & drop designer. In this case you will have a new code editor with a live preview of your email (as you code) We have also added versioning/list of changes support to this mode along with multi-user detection to avoid situations where you could clash with another user.

Plenty more to come

While this is a massive update (replacing our old email designer) we are just getting started. You will soon find a new “social” block that you can add to your emails, a revamped ecommerce block type, many more new templates, and many more things (that we are not yet ready to announce)

Let us know what you think!

We would love to hear your feedback about these changes and the new email designer in general. Please comment with what you think!

Manage your tags

We just released a new way to manage your tags.  We have seen many users adopt tags over using lists and it has opened up some pretty interesting automation and segmentation options.  Until now there was no great way to manage them though.

To use the new tag manager simply head over to your contacts page and click the arrow where it says “Contact & Lead Scoring” to open the menu for other contacts options.  Click Tag Manager and you will be able to start managing your tags including:

  • Adding tags
  • Removing tags
  • Merging tags
  • Exploring tags

In the past the system removed any tags that existed (but were not used for any contacts)  That will no longer happen automatically.  A tag will be removed from the system only if you delete it.

A new customizable overview

When you login to your ActiveCampaign account you will notice a brand new overview page.  We redesigned the overview to show more information that can be personalized to fit your specific needs.

You can drag/drop widgets around on the screen, remove widgets that you don’t need to keep a close eye on, or add new widgets from the doc that sits at the bottom of the page.  Have a specific widget you would like to see on the overview?  Let us know!

Trigger automations from web page visits, logged events, and deal actions

We just added four new ways that you can trigger an automation:

  • When a URL is visited
  • When an event is recorded
  • When a deal stage changes
  • When a deal status changes

This brings us to 15 different ways you can start an automation along with the ability to choose to start an automation within any other automation.

The ability to start an automation with a page visit (or an event being recorded) adds quite a bit of power to our site & event tracking capabilities.  You can now trigger automations along with having conditional branching and options within your automation sequences based on the data that site & event tracking provides.

The ability to trigger automations based on stage or status changes allow you to automate your sales process as a deal progresses along within your sales cycle.

Bulk edit your contacts

When you visit your Contacts page you will see a new “Edit” option near the top left of the page.  You can filter down to a list of contacts (using search, segments, etc.. ) and bulk edit the whole result set or you can check specific contacts that you wish to edit.

Here are some of the things you can do with the new bulk edit feature:

  • Add contacts to an automation
  • Remove contacts from an automation
  • Add tags to contacts
  • Remove tags from contacts
  • Update custom fields
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Add contacts to a list
  • Remove contacts from a list

Introducing Deals… CRM & Sales Automation

As we have built out our automation capabilities over the past year, we quickly realized we need a seamless integration with your sales process.

We currently integrate with many CRM providers (and will continue to do so) but the basic concept of contacts being synced back and forth were not meeting our users’ needs.  So we decided to create our own CRM that is built directly into ActiveCampaign and have plans to do seamless syncs of sales data with our CRM partners in the future (more on this later)

We took a very simple approach to our CRM work flow.  We wanted something that we would love to use internally and that would cater towards small and medium sized businesses.

Everything is customizable.  You can create custom deal pipelines, stages, task types, etc..   As a lead comes into ActiveCampaign it can be placed into a pipeline.  You would then move it to different stages as your sales process advances.  All the while our automations will be there to help you move, update, and prioritize your deals.

Send individual emails from within ActiveCampaign or connect ANY email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc..).  Once connected you will see all related sent and received emails  automatically within your Deal stream.  No BCC that points to some special inbox required!

Automation Updates

As we added all of the new CRM and sales features, we made sure to fully integrate that within our automation capabilities.  You can now have automations run based on deals, create deals, adjust deals, etc…  We also improved our automations to allow multiple entry points.

Previously you could only start an automation from four different options (and could only pick one).  Now you have a dozen start options and can choose multiple options for when each automation will begin.

Contact & Lead Scoring

People have been begging us to add some form of contact scoring within ActiveCampaign.  We always agreed it would be nice, but we didn’t want to release some mediocre scoring system that just increments based on clicks and opens.  The actual value in that is pretty low.

So rather than doing that we developed a scoring system that allows dynamic increase and decreases of a score based on any marketing channel that you integrate with.  So the score can fluctuate based on campaign interactions, individual email interactions, traffic/history on your website, custom events, sales data, and much more.

Contact & Lead Scoring is free with all enterprise plans and is a paid upgrade for any small business plan.

How to get the new Sales & CRM features

All new accounts are getting this update already.  We are in the process of updating all existing users and you should receive the update in the upcoming weeks.  Contact us if you don’t want to wait!  We can update your account right away on demand.

What’s next

This is just the start of what we have planned.  Expect more CRM updates in the near future. The syncing of data with other CRM’s is something we are working on as well.  That will allow you to use another CRM for your sales activity while using ActiveCampaign as the marketing/automation engine.

Lastly, we have been busy working on a brand new email designer.  We have rethought and reworked the entire email designer from the ground up.  Our hope is to have some sneak peeks soon.