Bulk edit your contacts

When you visit your Contacts page you will see a new “Edit” option near the top left of the page.  You can filter down to a list of contacts (using search, segments, etc.. ) and bulk edit the whole result set or you can check specific contacts that you wish to edit.

Here are some of the things you can do with the new bulk edit feature:

  • Add contacts to an automation
  • Remove contacts from an automation
  • Add tags to contacts
  • Remove tags from contacts
  • Update custom fields
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Add contacts to a list
  • Remove contacts from a list

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  • http://businessofarchitecture.com/ Enoch Sears

    Awesome Jason, this is great! Thanks for listening guys and all of your hard work!

  • carldtaylor

    Love it Jason, thanks

  • http://TheLoungePad.com/ Widmaer Telisma

    Thumbs up! Being new .. I was actually looking for that feature and found it yesterday and said… Ahh there it was!!! Had no idea it was a new feature :) great job guys

  • http://www.AgentOnFire.net Rick Stone

    Jason, please create the ability to add tasks to contacts without creating a deal.

    Currently when you click on an individual contact options are: Notes, Site/Event Tracking and Deals. But no Task :(

    Example: Would like to simply click on ‘task’ and enter: Call Jason and set up a lunch meeting ect.. Then have all my non-deal tasks show up on the dashboard.

    • jvandeboom

      Ya, I can see the need for general tasks (associated with contact but not a deal) Will likely do something for that in the future.

  • Pooja

    Is it possible to add deals to the contacts collectively?

    • http://www.subism.com/ John

      Hey Pooja, No it is not but you can use Automations to create deals automatically on import or subscription.

  • Tom Poole

    Can I bulk add contacts to a pipeline and deal stage?

    • http://www.subism.com/ John

      Not directly, but you could create an automation that creates or moves deals and then bulk add contacts to that deal. I hope this helps!

  • http://www.clintonpower.com.au Clinton Power

    “When you visit your contacts page you will see a new “edit” option near the top of the page. ” this is very vague? Where exactly? A screenshot would be helpful.

    • http://www.subism.com/ John

      Hey @clintonpower:disqus I modified the post to be a little bit more specific but this also might help.


      • http://www.clintonpower.com.au Clinton Power

        Thank you!