Trigger an automation from Contact & Lead Scoring data

You are now able to trigger an automation (to start) when a Contact or Lead Score matches certain criteria.

Use this to automatically advance highly qualified leads, send alerts about contacts, and more!

Manage your tags

We just released a new way to manage your tags.  We have seen many users adopt tags over using lists and it has opened up some pretty interesting automation and segmentation options.  Until now there was no great way to manage them though.

To use the new tag manager simply head over to your contacts page and click the arrow where it says “Contact & Lead Scoring” to open the menu for other contacts options.  Click Tag Manager and you will be able to start managing your tags including:

  • Adding tags
  • Removing tags
  • Merging tags
  • Exploring tags

In the past the system removed any tags that existed (but were not used for any contacts)  That will no longer happen automatically.  A tag will be removed from the system only if you delete it.

A new customizable overview

When you login to your ActiveCampaign account you will notice a brand new overview page.  We redesigned the overview to show more information that can be personalized to fit your specific needs.

You can drag/drop widgets around on the screen, remove widgets that you don’t need to keep a close eye on, or add new widgets from the doc that sits at the bottom of the page.  Have a specific widget you would like to see on the overview?  Let us know!

Trigger automations from web page visits, logged events, and deal actions

We just added four new ways that you can trigger an automation:

  • When a URL is visited
  • When an event is recorded
  • When a deal stage changes
  • When a deal status changes

This brings us to 15 different ways you can start an automation along with the ability to choose to start an automation within any other automation.

The ability to start an automation with a page visit (or an event being recorded) adds quite a bit of power to our site & event tracking capabilities.  You can now trigger automations along with having conditional branching and options within your automation sequences based on the data that site & event tracking provides.

The ability to trigger automations based on stage or status changes allow you to automate your sales process as a deal progresses along within your sales cycle.

Bulk edit your contacts

When you visit your contacts page you will see a new “edit” option near the top of the page.  You can filter down to a list of contacts (using search, segments, etc.. ) and bulk edit the whole result set or you can check specific contacts that you wish to edit.

Here are some of the things you can do with the new bulk edit feature:

  • Add contacts to an automation
  • Remove contacts from an automation
  • Add tags to contacts
  • Remove tags from contacts
  • Update custom fields
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Add contacts to a list
  • Remove contacts from a list

Introducing Deals… CRM & Sales Automation

As we have built out our automation capabilities over the past year, we quickly realized we need a seamless integration with your sales process.

We currently integrate with many CRM providers (and will continue to do so) but the basic concept of contacts being synced back and forth were not meeting our users’ needs.  So we decided to create our own CRM that is built directly into ActiveCampaign and have plans to do seamless syncs of sales data with our CRM partners in the future (more on this later)

We took a very simple approach to our CRM work flow.  We wanted something that we would love to use internally and that would cater towards small and medium sized businesses.

Everything is customizable.  You can create custom deal pipelines, stages, task types, etc..   As a lead comes into ActiveCampaign it can be placed into a pipeline.  You would then move it to different stages as your sales process advances.  All the while our automations will be there to help you move, update, and prioritize your deals.

Send individual emails from within ActiveCampaign or connect ANY email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc..).  Once connected you will see all related sent and received emails  automatically within your Deal stream.  No BCC that points to some special inbox required!

Automation Updates

As we added all of the new CRM and sales features, we made sure to fully integrate that within our automation capabilities.  You can now have automations run based on deals, create deals, adjust deals, etc…  We also improved our automations to allow multiple entry points.

Previously you could only start an automation from four different options (and could only pick one).  Now you have a dozen start options and can choose multiple options for when each automation will begin.

Contact & Lead Scoring

People have been begging us to add some form of contact scoring within ActiveCampaign.  We always agreed it would be nice, but we didn’t want to release some mediocre scoring system that just increments based on clicks and opens.  The actual value in that is pretty low.

So rather than doing that we developed a scoring system that allows dynamic increase and decreases of a score based on any marketing channel that you integrate with.  So the score can fluctuate based on campaign interactions, individual email interactions, traffic/history on your website, custom events, sales data, and much more.

Contact & Lead Scoring is free with all enterprise plans and is a paid upgrade for any small business plan.

How to get the new Sales & CRM features

All new accounts are getting this update already.  We are in the process of updating all existing users and you should receive the update in the upcoming weeks.  Contact us if you don’t want to wait!  We can update your account right away on demand.

What’s next

This is just the start of what we have planned.  Expect more CRM updates in the near future. The syncing of data with other CRM’s is something we are working on as well.  That will allow you to use another CRM for your sales activity while using ActiveCampaign as the marketing/automation engine.

Lastly, we have been busy working on a brand new email designer.  We have rethought and reworked the entire email designer from the ground up.  Our hope is to have some sneak peeks soon.

Revamped Reporting

We just rolled out a large number of updates to reporting within ActiveCampaign.  It’s no secret that our reporting was starting to look a bit… aged.  The data was useful but the whole section reminded us of ActiveCampaign 4 years ago in terms of style and flow.   We set out to correct that and add some reporting for more recent features (such as automated series, SMS, etc..)

Let’s take a look at how the new reporting looks:

Here is a summary of what we added:

  • A pretty large UI update to make things cleaner and easier to navigate
  • A new way of viewing all of your campaigns in a list.
  • New GEO reporting including real-time GEO map, a time-lapse, and a heat map.  Available at the world or country level.
  • We have introduced contact cards that will show up when you hover over a contact (this will be rolled out throughout the platform in time)
  • You can now use a single folder to store regular campaigns and automated series together
  • New automated series reporting
  • SMS reporting showing engagement, replies, etc…
  • Ability to view the email clients your contacts use at a campaign level or global/list level
  • An updated side nav that will help you explore the various reports

You will notice that we removed the old “User Report” and “List Report”  We have new reporting in the works that will make these pages redundant.  If you still need to view this data you can look at the old report pages by going to “main.php?action=report_user” and “main.php?action=report_list”

What’s next?

We will be adding some minor options (such as sorting of data) to all of the reports.  There are some new reports we are working on adding such as the ability to compare campaigns, greater contact insights/explorations, and reports for other types of data (CRM/Deals, Site & Event Tracking, etc..)

Did you have a specific type of report (or reporting option) that you would like to see added?  Let us know in the comments.

Don’t use a Yahoo email address as your “From”

Yahoo recently updated their DNS to have a DMARC record that let’s ISP’s know to reject any mail with a Yahoo email address as the “from address” if it is not coming from Yahoos mail servers.

That means that you can’t use your Yahoo email address as the from email with our service (or any service that isn’t Yahoo)  If you do, ISP’s that respect DMARC records (Gmail, Hotmail, etc..) will bounce your email.

We have updated the campaign creation process to alert users should they try to use a Yahoo email address.  We would also suggest to avoid using free email addresses as your “from” email in general.

If Yahoo changes this in the future we will update things immediately to allow you to use a Yahoo email address as a “from” email again.

Learn more about DMARC and the Yahoo changes

Why We Turn Away Millions In Revenue

We send a lot of email on behalf of our users. Billions. Despite a large volume of email being sent we work every day to ensure our compliance standards are being met and the recipients actually expect and want the email. By having such high standards (more than some other ESP’s) we close many paid accounts on a daily basis. We don’t enjoy closing accounts, but when our end user is unable or unwilling to modify their marketing practices we have no other choice. By doing so we maintain a high level of deliverability and promote/allow responsible marketing.

Let’s look at some figures

We ran a report to find the revenue we have turned away within the last year. These are users who have signed up, converted, and wanted to use our platform.
And that is recurring revenue…   The true revenue we are turning away over time is many times more.  Mind you these are not fraud orders and they are often not even people with horrible intent. They are companies within markets we don’t support or people who wish to market in a way that we don’t believe in.
If we dive into the data deeper we start to find some interesting things. The average person that we have to turn away is not your stereotypical spammer. Instead they are simply misinformed or operating in a high risk market for sending email.

Why we do it

There are the obvious deliverability concerns that come with questionable senders. By only allowing the best practices and best senders we are going to get better deliverability overall. But that pales in comparison with our own views, our hatred of spam, and wanting to ensure we only contribute to a positive email ecosystem.

What’s the solution?

Email remains a powerful and high ROI marketing option for businesses.  Sadly it is often abused.  We want to make sure we are on the right side of things and help to make email lower in volume while being more relevant and useful.
We will continue to educate those who are not aware of the best practices.  By educating people about quality being greater than quantity we have helped them improve their overall marketing effectiveness.